Once, there lived a large joint family,

many smaller families within lived happily.

What so ever, there was no enmity

and the differences only enhanced unity.


In the name of development, came a philosopher

and his intentions couldn’t appear any purer.

He influenced many changes like a reformer

and family’s livelihood seemed progressing for the better


Generations passed and before anyone knew,

by leaps and bounds, his influence on the family grew

Corrupted all family members but for few

and turned differences to hatred to let enmity brew


His sinister motives came to see light

as he took control of the family with all his might

Persistent few saw things were not right

and started sowing seeds for a revolutionary fight


At the end, the fight was a great success

but not before a split in the family’s happiness.

Although each family got its own address,

bottom of its heart, longed togetherness.


In this world of much political disarray,

gist of the story is all the more relevant today.

Forgetting all our mistakes, we continue to sway

to the words of selfish few and keep falling as prey


As the story goes, the philosopher left the place then

but fanatics continued to wriggle and created their den.

No matter who ever was at the helm to govern,

efforts were poor to let the love among families widen


In the name of religion, these fanatics

continue to fuel hatred with their violent antics.

Retaliating with guns are ill-conceived tactics 

and in long term, giving love is the one that clicks


With anger running high, let’s not add fuel to fire

by increasing our voice for the war to transpire

and play into the hands of rich who gains from warfare.

Let’s give love a chance like our hearts always desire.


When educate children, we enjoy the wisdom,

give monetary things, we change the lives of some,

give time, we experience the bliss wholesome

and give love, we see the peace of mankind blossom



- Sundar

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