If life is a song, do not sing solo
Sing in a chorus, have a partner or friend

If life is a cake, alone don't eat
Share it enjoy, piece by piece

If life is a book, read and lend
spread what you know, and understand

If life is a garden, lie in it
roam and search, discover it

If life is a car, don't drive with empty seat
Ride-along companion, happiness won't cease

If life is a bar try all brands
each has something new, something grand

If life is sex, don't be rough, it
is a pleasure, softly savor it

If life is hair, keep them well
eat healthy food and sleep well

Life's a river, constantly flows
fearless jump and dive
learn to go with the flow

Life is unexpected, unfaithful sometime
it's her nature, it's no crime
Sublime life though, pointy arrow it pinches
a beauty it is, it gives what you sow.

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