Life is a song;
Sometimes, rhythm goes wrong;
Never fear the failure all along;
Lets conquer & grow more strong!

Life is a game;
So it shall never be the same;
To win the game is something;
But the will to win makes everything!

Life is a dream;
Live a dream, Dream beyond dream;
Dream a dream with might;
Fight for it, though hard & tight!

Life is hope;
Whatever, never give up! Nope!
Play as if life ends today;
Hope as if you have many other day!

Life is courage; Life is strength,
Failure is never a persistent!
For failure is not when you get drowned down;
Its when you refuse to get up!

Life is time;
Never wait for a perfect time;
Take each moment & make it perfect;
Then Life turns a beautiful depict!
Use it not as a couch, but as a tool;
Then the whole world, you will rule!

Life is an adventurous ride;
Break into a gallop untied!
For in just three words, Life sums up;
Life moves on!

Finally Life is not just breathing;
Life is beautiful, Life is sublime;
Foot prints on the sands of time!!

Tags: Motivation

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