Life in engineering
What is engineering?
A graduation course of 4 years or some technical skill required to earn your bread. Louis Clarke, An author quoted, “Engineering is a form of art and has filled the world with things of obvious visual beauty but also with subtle form.”
If I am asked to explain Life in Engineering, I would rather say engineering is life. From the smallest piece to the biggest discovery ever we have been living with engineering since the universe began.
The way in which our nature works is as precise and developed just as engineering. We humans and this nature were created by God and I feel other than these two things every other thing is engineering.
Also, engineering is a course too and when I talk about engineering I cannot ignore the life in engineering.
Life in this course is not as funny and easy as the jokes on engineering are.
Neither life is so tough that people quit halfway nor just a degree course as many of us take it lightly these days.
Life in engineering is about your journey of self development and progression of us as a human.
Engineering means working in discipline. This is the field that helps us to add every necessary adjective to our personality.
Through engineering we learn team-work.
Without those group assignments and projects how would we know how to balance things in a group?
We learn to be responsible.
Every engineer faces a time in his college where he understands that if he escapes now he’ll have to keep running for his entire life.
The smart ones come up realize responsibilities and works for him.
The not so smart ones regret later but they do learn.
We learn tolerance.
I may sound little weird to the non-engineers but engineers know that the four years they spend in college is the time they are treated like elastic and they get tested to the extreme levels.
When we say Engineering the first thing that comes to mind is precision and accuracy.
When a machine rotates, It completes single rotation in some specific time, If this time is disturbed whole mechanism gets disturbed. So you understand how engineering teaches us value of the smallest existing part.
Imagine Life without engineering. Or let me help you with that
No rails, No vehicles, No roads, No television, No smart phones, No laptops.
My goodness without engineering our world would have more number of deaths than birth. How would medical field progress without engineering?
Even industries would have stopped working without machineries.
In fact it would have been impossible for me to convey these things to you all without engineering.
A very famous quotation says, “Scientists study the world how, it is now, but engineers take a paint brush and create a world that has never been before.”
And I guess this is what makes engineering the most interesting.
If you will start looking reasons to not fall for this field there may be many.
But if you have noticed the beauty of this profession and you understand how this art adds a charm to your world you may fall for it and wish desperately to never fall out.

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