Life is not about, riding in BMW, Yamaha or trendy bikes. It’s about, walking in a cold pleasant night, holding hand with your loved one, chatting, murmuring, whispering..

Life is not about, enjoying in Taj, or Five Star. It’s about, enjoying, laughing to heart's content in a simple college canteen, with all your friends, talking about all the matters in the world, even if it doesn’t bother none.. Yes, the joy you get here, will not get in any of the world's restaurants..

Life is not about, purchasing a luxurious, huge gift on your wife's birthday. It’s about, the way you hold her in your arms, that one passionate hug & a gentle kiss. The loving words you whisper into her heart, makes her feel so special..

Life is not about, having a sleep in an expensive bungalow. It’s about falling asleep in the arms of your loved ones..

Life is not about, saying someone, “You look elegant” when they wear a bridal dress. It’s about, saying those words, even when they are in the most simple ones..

Last but not the least; Life is not about, holding an umbrella in rain. It’s about pleasure of getting drenched in rain, the romantic odor of wet soil. Yeah! The heavenly feeling..

For me, life is completely not materialistic. It’s not about wealth, property, money or richness. It’s about friendship, love, family, trust, faith etc.. Enjoy simple things, it makes you feel peculiar & unique. Greatness always comes from simple little things..
Life is not only about earning money, wealth etc; on your final day, people praise, see only your good deeds. Neither your richness nor your ppt’s..

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