Unexpected life is, we all know. Life can be as unexpected as a surprise gift that arrive at your doorstep and can even be more unexpected when that gift box you find is empty! :-P
Having n number of examples of how uncertain life can be, we still expect-

Expect rainbows when life seems to be full of dark clouds,

Expect the right things from wrong people,

Expect trust from who can’t be trusted,

Expect loyalty from unfaithful,

Expect acceptance instead of ignorance,

Expect love from hatred,

Expect brightness from darkness,

Expect kindness from cruelty,

and most silly Expectation is, Expecting a future from present!!

Is it our habit to expect and expect and expect again after knowing that they would hardly be ever fulfilled? We expect and we get hurt, don’t we? But we don’t stop expecting, do we? And we won’t! no matter what, we will keep expecting, or just to put it in better words we can rather say, we will keep hoping, keep hoping for our expectations to be fulfilled one day!

But isn’t it that we will be happier if we don’t expect or better if we expect only the unexpected from life! but we know its easier said than done! So, happy expectations!!


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