Ooooh i spent days wandering ,
Through the maze of life,
And somewhere in between i lost myself,
shredded a lil on every turn,
I search for all the lil pieces i lost,
I don't remember anymore who i was,
I hope i become what i set out to be,
My destination is all i know,
The path still unknown,
Still unknown.

I keep on fighting A losing battle ,
On every step i take ,
there's always something trying to take me down,
But i will never back down,
There's still a hope in me,
And That's all i need,
i am ready to lose a part of me,
To find myself again,
Find myself again.

Oooh i keep on reaching for the horizon
To find the glory i always wanted
I fall ,each time i stand tall,
But i would crawl if that's what it takes,
The choices i makes ,
Aren't black and white ,
All i see is gray,
I tread the thin line ,
Of right and wrong,
Of Good and bad,
Not always making the right choice,
But that's how i learn,
That'S how i learn.

I look for a beacon of light,
The right voice,
To guide me and help me in my plights,
In this ocean of troubles
I look for someone to anchor my boat,
I scream, i shout and mourn
For all the people i left behind
Some for the better, some for the worse,
Coz in the end,
We come alone and go alone,
Come alone and go alone