Nothing to write today, but then, felt like writing. It's compulsory. So here's something random:

She reflected towards her past- gloomy two years.
She was so pampered since her very childhood, she had never imagined what life would be without love and success. To her, these two words were what was really important to survive.
She was the one who was loved by all- friends, teachers, parents, family, and never faced adversities, thanks to all her well-wishers.
No matter how much life tested her, she would win all inspite of troubles, frequented by physical illnesses, or emotional outbursts, yet for her, her work was all that mattered. Always used to be on the top, to be on the zenith of success, never preferring the 'Second' position. Such a girl was she. She had slowly grown up, to reach in her teens, to be in love finally, get a best friend for life, who would support her in all her decisions, and would herself take her help for studies.
Yes, that's what she always wanted- when it came to studying, she always preferred the topmost position.

And thus it made a path to her overconfidence.
As she took all wrong decisions, hoping she would win in spite of all. Decisions no longer independent, but all affected by tantrums and competitive attitude.

"What would people say if I choose something not worthy for toppers?"
She would think always. And kept on deciding wrong, till she met her doom.
A doom perhaps forever, let her so low, unworthy of attention, which she was all so used to, wherein teachers would love her- that love she longed for, repented her decisions.

Yet what she kept on saying was that she would make it up all.

"Soon, dear." She would tell her boyfriend.

"If you can't perform well, forget doing the same thing when you are a year older, when you will finally have to give an examination which will decide your fate!"

"You are discouraging me!" She would mutter, altogether ending the conversation with a heated arguement.

Now she reflected those past two years- her struggle. Though she met success in other fields, she longed to be envied by others, for studies, which she never got again.
A few days left, and it suddenly dawned upon her the importance of those words of the conversation- "If you can't do well.."

And how she had shut him up, the man who wanted something good for her, yet she took it in the wrong way.
Life had turned topsiturvy, for the worse. And she regretted making a weird decision which would make her life hell forever- the decision all biased, based on what people would think.
Unable to understand, people would think more if you do it all wrong now!

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