Enthusiastic am i,
reveries building, feelings mine;
soulful is my voice,
pious is my mind!

God awaits, piety overwhelms,
moving divinity, at the helms;
the luggage, carries 'to-be-made' memories,
in return, heavy shall they be ridden-cries!

Yes, getting 'escalated' to heaven,
tough though, carefully trodden;
Many people here greet, gleeful,
Heaven on earth, glimpse of god, pleasureful!

The pathway astonishes, the god surmounts,
humanity astounds, a different entity!!
Everyone fold their hands, piety par amounts!!
Eyes feel enough, but not fulfilled!!

A faint music catches the ear,
that of water gushing smooth, near!
The ear-drums beat hard,
Suddenly there's a mammoth rage!!

People scared, move one another,
The water rages in, unheeded to cries;
A small cycle, comes my way,
I try to see the summit, with fear in eyes!

The god there is quiet,
slammed am I by the roaring waters,
I try to wade away, take responsibility,
Pity the people, eyes did have enough!!

I tried to move the people,
Old and young, child and teens,
tribes and gentlemen, disabled and saints,
in memories of deceased, situation turning grave!!

But what could this man do,
when the god himself had thrown hands up!
The god existed or not, know not whether true,
the nature's rage sure did!!

Seeing millions lain dead,
the eyes prayed with cries!
As a crude and selfish human being,
I regret at the helplessness!!

Stuck in waters,
the heart started to give up beating,
the eyes giving up to stay open,
the hands failing to clung on!

The last smile, for the pride,
for the jawans helping people still willing to pace up,
I stay unseen to many people on the other side,
the voice seeming to not shout!

The god still is silent at the heist of lives,
the eyes slowly close, no belief,
because it is now replaced by grief;
The eyes close, the water slowly gulps me!!

In memory of the people who lost their lives in the Uttarakhand floods.

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