Finding your path is not an act of searching.

It is an act of allowing.

When you let go of what you think should be, you allow what is meant to be.

While this may sound different, it is simply the act of following your heart moment by moment.

Your purpose is already built into your being.

When you follow your heart, your inner GPS, you are nudged in the right direction.

Because what finding your path comes down to is living life to the fullest.

It comes down to following what feels alive to you, and doing your best, in this moment.

To uncover your path in life, dive into this moment.Discard assumptions, expectations, and outside programming.This has never been about finding anything, but about noticing that you have everything you need to take the next tiny step.There is no rush. No need to quit your job, to be famous, or to be successful. Accept where you are.Work with what you have.And listen to what feels alive, magnetic, exciting, fascinating.Start your journey. Do what you can. Drop all expectations, because you do not know where life will take you.And if you do not resonate with what I have written, ignore it

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