People indulge in all sorts of things these days to get that coveted crown on facebook-maximum likes.They update their profile pics every two minutes after some editing from photoshop. You get 5 likes in a minute-game on,you get 1 like in 5 minutes-time for some more editing,baby!Post a status update regarding some good work you did-barely a few likes,delete it and post about some tomfoolery of yours'-lo and behold,the likes are here to stay!
Its not as if your world's gonna end if you don't update about every place you go to eat,every place you go shopping or every hotel that you check into.Yet,people do it.All the time.Right from bleary-eyed morning divas to yawning midnight tech hunks,'likes' envelope all.Your boss goes out for some work.Yay,that's a field day right.The facebook page is the place to be!
Do we really ponder as to what would constitute a good pic.What parameters make it thus? We just follow the 'herd' mentality in most cases.The depth of someone's words in a status update is understood as 'senti/philosophical' whereas a 'goodnight friends' status update is accorded the respect befitting a king.
Let's not be someone.Let's not like something just because 100 odd people have done it.Let's take time and appreciate the beauty of a written word,the joy hidden in a facial expression.Paranoia is bad in the real world.In the social one,its a disaster.

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