They say u will be a burden for me
They say u will be a trouble for me
Instead of u, if there had been a boy
They say he would be a real dear to me
But, I see in your eyes
Love of nature, reflection of god
Life flows in touch of your soft hands
Loosing u even for a moment, I can’t afford
When u say “maa” for the first time
It was like I was on the cloud nine
Rejuvenating vibes were all around
& all the blessings were there, to surround
When u used to catch my shadow on wall
And started crying when couldn’t saw me
And in your first step, I was your aim
U were trying to come near to me
Each day my dear daughter,
U were like my best friend
Your smile was the only reason of mine
I cry in solitude, whenever I reprimand
The day u left home
& went to other city for education
Days became years, nights full of tears
There became a void in each smile, each celebration
Dear daughter, do you remember
I shouted at u for cleanliness, showing a broom
But since the day u left the house
I am unable to touch your peripherals, see your room
You don’t know, I used to stare at u
When u used to eat your favorite dish
Dear daughter, now I can’t prepare any of them
With you, there left my each smile, my each wish
I know sometimes my nature may irritate you
You can think how childish my deeds are
But dear, it’s just that I care for u so much
Even for a second, I don’t want to be far
Dear daughter, u are an angel for me
My daughter, may be u never get a clue
But in this world, I feel so much proud
When, people identify me because of you.

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