You were my best gift,
You were my best lesson,
You were all I ever wanted,
In my search of heaven!

What was in my life,
Before I had found you?
As empty as vacuum,
Blank, was every view!

In your shining bright eyes,
I had seen the colour!
You had thought me laughter,
Filling me with humor!

How could I have guessed,
That you were just mirage?
Losing you even in dream,
Needed great deal of courage!

That day did start well;
Till I held the phone.
Other end was a news;
My world spinned upside-down!

Life had betrayed you,
Me, our love, our dream!
We did deserve justice,
But found no voice to scream!

In some road unknown,
You were lying in blood!
What was killing me,
Drying drought or flood?

Years, many, have passed
But still alive memories;
Every time i see
Or hear new love stories!

Fate was blind and deaf
For one last hug or kiss!
World is still running,
Your love is what I miss!

Tags: Memory, Love, Missing, Fate

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