Literature is the mirror of the society. It is said that an hour used for reading is an hour stolen from paradise. In our society books can be divided into two types- commercial and non commercial. Commercial books are usually not so literature rich and non-commercial or classics are literature laden. When on one hand commercial books are usually the best sellers non-commercials are said to fetch critical acclaim. This takes us to the first line of the speech. Literature is said to be the mirror of the society. Here a question arises that why is it called the mirror of society?

Firstly literature tells us what our society was several years ago and how it has changed over the years and how it has become the society it is now. In short it is the full tale of the transformation of our society. This is evident from books like The Mahabharata, Ramayana, Odyssey and the Illiad. Then also it is a tool to unite people. Literature has been a source to unite people against something unfair. Be it as simple as some social evils to something as complex and powerful as some foreign power which was a threat to the sovereignty of any country literature always has united the countrymen. Books like have really helped enhance the togetherness of the countrymen.

The diary of Anne Frank is a fine piece of literature which tells the tale of a 13 year old girl who experience the terrific Nazi attack. Being merely 13 years she is not favouring anyone but just expressing her and her famillies’ plight.
Not really that all literature was based on rebellion or wars. Let us consider an undoubtedly masterpiece- Romeo and julliet. It is a classic love story but it ends with a tragedy, the way Romeo and julliet dies. This is not about a rebellion but just an example how society ruin lives and how we civilized people still practice several social evils. It is considered a mirror because it highlights on all the political, social and economical problems of the society. Some of the examples are books written by Chekov, prem Chand and many others.

I want to conclude by saying that Literature and society share a very close relation and society without literature is unthinkable. But if that is so then why are commercial books more popular and why do people write it?

We people live so close to reality that we have become an inseparable part reality. And sometimes we need and deserve a little space from this world. Just for this commercial books are made, so that they can transfer people to an imaginary land away from reality which in turn is more appreciated by the reader who make them bestsellers.

But both are good as well as appropriate in their own place. So read more and promote more.

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