Once upon a time there lived
In a crowded city full of lights and bridges,
Poor family of carpenter, they had
Just one girl, she was known as
The woman in red.
One full moon night in the spring
She went to the nearby poppy filed.
She lied in the grass staring at the moon,
Enjoying the sparkling diamond glance…
She was all covered with tiny red veil,
As if she was little poppy in the landscape.
Suddenly she felt strange

This smell was so familiar,
As if at was a Wolf.
She swiftly jumped from her place,
But there he stood, her soul-mate
So sad he looked with gray furry coat
Gray gloves and hat, and sparkles
Of melancholy in his gray eyes.
He was silent, she- without breath
when Wolf came so close, that she felt
His cold skin.

And then all happened fast,
He grabbed his red girl at last
He took her in a love embrace
And kissed her white neck…
Even he was in love with her with
Hidden fire
Verborgene Feuer
Feu cache
Огън скрит

No one knew the truth about him
As Wolf was a vampire.
It was no secret that his kiss could
Make her totally addicted.
But Red hood prefers to die rather
Than to indulge her own brother.

When a misty cloud covered the moon
It was too late,
Little blood drops dripped on the
Red poppies
Rote Mohnblumen
Cocquelicots rouges
Черvени макоvе.

{ © n.nour}

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