Days pass, years add & age rolls with them;
Dreams stay struck with in the reality's game;
'Doing' and 'want to do' drift far, far apart;
Desparation for success, high, before we depart.

Choices become tougher than they were in childhood,
Chances are lesser, yet deep inside, desires brood;
Changes become inevitable; transitions were never smooth,
Charges for flaw is payable; law of life is a hard truth!

Heven or hell, both show up here, in this world;
Health and sickness alternate, as the life is uncurled.
Hope for salvation gets searched in every hyme;
Horizon of death, when, reminds the limited time.

Sorrows make you feeble, but is followed by contempt!
Sometimes you never know what awaits, till you attempt!
So do what you want to do, today and now,
Success is eventual, don't stop for 'when', 'why' and 'how'!

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