A fatherless daughter

A child less cared for

I didn't know love

And then you came, 

You gave me love, more than anybody could

You stood by me when nobody was 

In sadness and happiness, 

You were all that I had

You were the one I always looked for

You were the one I opened up to

You became my only reason and my only attraction

I gave myself away to you, all of it

But, suddenly you flew away

Leaving me into bits and pieces 

Yes I had become stubborn, rigid and may be selfish

But did you ever look for the reason? 

May be you got sick of me

May be I was just a maniac to you

May be I was just a temporary attraction

May be I am still a fool 

I tried hard to let go of the thought of you

Trust me I failed every time

You don't want me, that is okay

May be this is how the life was supposed to be

I had never imagined I would loose you

You know what hurts more? 

Knowing that you exist but not with me

Blocking is just a failed escape mechanism

I just can't die again and again

Because you never come to stay

And I fall apart every time you leave

Yes, I am living my nightmare

I am afraid I will grow old thinking of you

I am afraid to feel the emptiness till the last moments

I am afraid of feeling the loss of you for lifetime

I am afraid you will forget me 

I am afraid you will become some else's

I am afraid we will become mere a memory

That is the only reason I kept knocking your door

But, I left without complain 

I know you don't want me

And that is okay

I will love you anyways

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