Who i am, is not what i appear.
No one understands what it's like inside here
I'm trapped inside a body,
That isn't right for me.
I'm stuck being something
i don't wanna be.
So what do i do?
Do i be what i'm not?
Or do i be happy and just be who i want?
But it's not that easy, ya see?
With judgmental eyes in every place i might be.
i could brush them off, pretend i don't care.
Just look away as they laugh and they stare.
but who would be happy
living in shame?
With everyone laughing
and mocking my name?
I could just pretend
and act like a boy.
but then i wouldn't be happy
i wouldn't find joy.
This cage of a body
is trapping me inside
I just wanna be the real me
before the real me begins to die.

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