There lied a Loneliness in me and I suppose that lasted in from a long time back. The bad Singly one---

One night a couple of days before, I just asked my friends out for a movie, everyone was busy some didn't had money, some had but thought that watching movie is a crap, some were not merely interested.

So, after encountering such things I decided to go out alone. I booked the ticket online and felt as if this time I didn't compromised my joy at all becoz of others I was doing what I liked though for this people will say me movieholic but I like seeing movie in a theater.
So there was the day, I headed to watch a movie alone in my Sophie(my scooty), parked it in style wore my Sunglasses and was in the mall, picked my tickets from the online section, though the girl there gave me a questioned look but who cares.
Reached the Audi and then, after refreshing out..looked towards "Popcorn" OHHH MY GOD.
I asked myself whom are you waiting for.... got my wallet out of my sling bag, and there I was, took a Popcorn combo, yeah I was .....
Went into the hall, got my seat adjusted with my belonging.
Before the time.
Enjoyed the commercials and trailer of the upcoming movies,
Messaged my friends that yeyyyyyyyye I m in hall, all alone got a slow response but who cares I was enjoying on my own, There was a mid age couple sitting aside me, I passed a pleasant smile to the lady and so did she.
And there it was, Movie begin. I liked the movie though it was not much fascinating, but I like the movie when it is watched in the big-screen,
In middle of it, I thought that as this attempt was successful, I was giggling jumping high from inside I thought why not have a trip alone.
And enjoy the loneliness with myself, I was so thrilled by the idea that I was all smiling.
Nicely the movie ended, our Hindi movies had changed ...the hero n heroine were dead by the end.. which is a sin to Bollywood as our hero is the one who can beat 30 people at a time with 4 bullets in his body.
But I was not unhappy for the ending as it was needed in the movie as I knew it so does the writer of the movie heheheheehehe,(KIDDING)
As it was a mere Love fiction, but was happy for the spirit,zest that was flowing inside me, was very excited & loved the surrounding. Went into a store gazed some cool stuffs, tried them on, was feeling good from inside. So the world seems to be pretty.
Was really feeling the meaning of the add "Andar fit to bahar hit"

Mom called; asked how was the movie? I said nice, shared the idea with her to enjoy the loneliness.
And she was not afraid or shock with my talks, she even boosted me up for my idea and told me ya u should go on this is the time, enjoy both the boats with friends and with yourself also,
I was so happy, came back to pg with a smile and that smile lasted for long, as it was the present that I got for myself on my own.

"All great and precious things are lonely."
Read this quote and was more happy.

I love the loneliness, as it is the best time when I knew what I am? what I want to be? How my life is going to be?and how I have to lead it ..
"I got such a nice reinforcements from inside that I loved my company a lot,
and meaning of word loneliness has changed its position in my mind, as it was previously
{depressing, low, defective and wrenched}.
but now it is
{thrilled, joy, happening and no more solo.}

So, will share the another story when I will have a nice trip arranged for myself...And that will be pretty soon I guess..... <3

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