i was at the hongkong airport yest.. and yes.. that is the airport in question..
i had just flown in from mumbai, with a connecting flight onwards to Hangzhou.
so i go through the security check, and come out at this big escalator going up, no other way to go so i take it. i reach the landing and there's a big display in front of me with all the flights listed and the gates at which to take them. i look around, and find myself between gate 30 and 40. i try to look up my flight, which is after three and a half hours and find it finally, on the third screen.
and not surprisingly, the gate is blank, means that they havent assigned a gate yet.
its three hours to go so its normal procedure. so i find myself a place near the screen and promptly fall asleep. i wake up an hour later and look up at the screen and voila!! the gate number has finally been assigned. but as my luck goes, its gate no. 525!
thats on the other side of the airport! so i start walking, following the signs that say 'gate 501-530 ahead'
i walk.. and i walk.. and i walk.. and i walk.. i think you get the picture.. its a long freaking airport!!
i finally reach a sign that points downwards saying '501-530'
"finally!!" i mutter under my breath
just to be extra safe i decide to check the gate number to make sure i have the right one.
and lo and behold!! just my freaking luck!!
it shows gate 49 next to the words "changed"
assholes!! i just walked from gate 30!!
well the sign still points down saying '40-80'
so i take the escalator down.. and then one more..
and i come to a train stop! a train pulls in and i climb on.
its wisks me away to a stop 2 mins away.
i get off and take a escalator up.
and then i start abusing..
i am back where i started from, right outside the security check!
long freaking airport!!! needed a train ride to get back from all the way that i walked... now the arrow is pointing in the other direction.. the other end of the freaking long airport..
so i start walking and i actually find myself at the other end of the airport as the gate is at the other end... literally!!! last gate!!
just my freaking luck huh!
now i know why the chinese are thin..
they make you walk their freaking long airport!!! :P

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