Looking at your eyes, sometimes the time just flies,
Thinking of a life without you, a part of me just dies. 


Loving you more has been my biggest priority of all,
I just want to be with you, even when my life will be facing a fall.


My feelings for someone was never been so sure,
For you babe, they just feel so true and pure.


Life is never been so fruitful to me since the day I was born,
The world had always tried to push me down making my soul torn.


I never believed in miracles, until you stepped into my life and hold me,
There is nothing more I can ask you for cuz you have made all my sorrows flee.


Looking at your eyes, all I really see my the happiness my life ever wanted,
You brought that light back in my life & I will never take you for granted.


- Neel

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