As I lie back in my bed at the end of a rather tiring day, my thoughts, without so much as a speck of guilt or self-respect, wander off to think about you, again. This is perhaps one of those phases of life where one invariably surrenders all logic to what they call ‘love’. I have not really been the sort of person who can find love easily. And trust me! I have done enough brain storming to reason out the whys of this inability, or rather, disability.

And hence, even today, when I find myself hoping against all hopes, and praying for miracles to happen, dreaming of that one moment when we will look into each other as we once did…..when I still lose myself every time I am around you, when I still pray for you everyday…while secretly knowing that maybe…all I was to you was just a mistake…I cannot help but wonder…what is it? What am I? A die hard romantic or just a pathetic loser unable to move on?

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