Losing hopes of winning the game
Enervated sprit, effete I am
Lost in the imbroglio
Lost in the search of name
I have lost my hopes, inspirations
I have lost my soul’s innate celebrations
My conscience is dying, eyes are crying
I am witnessing fiasco, devastations
I lost the meaning of words, their use
Stuck in impasse, no way to choose
I am seeing my poetry dying
I have perhaps lost my shining muse
My pen is bleeding, but red not blue
Stains of my failure, dark and true
Making my life’s diary red with pain
Unable to endure it, unable to rescue
My lost muse horrifies me, chase me in dreams
In solitudes of life, I am entrapped, my woe screams
Carrying failure in veins instead of blood
Hatred and envy are my persisting regimes
A snickers née in hand, I wish to cut the vein
To let the blood of failure flow out, to break the chain
A slight shake, blood rushing out, embracing the ground
Sharp pain making my mind numb, I am lying near a lane
Eyes getting closed, tears too evading me,
But I am not sad, I am feeling the glee
They may say I am a coward, weak soul
But I am happy to die, I am happy to flee

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