Do ppl really change so much?
I so loved that girl. It was she because of whom i got d luv of my life, she who taught me to be happy, it was she who managed my first date with him, she with whom i had spent some of life's so special moments, she with whom i cried, i laughed, i ate, made fun, joked, sang, solved her problems, and suddenly there's this girl who sits with her, fills her brain with weird things bout me and snatches her from me forever.
I lost Shikha. She is no longer my besti :(
She hates it when i confront her. neer alks to me properly, never laughs with me :'(
that's so sad. i miss that girl :(
And perhaps, she doesn't need me in her life anymore. she is in the wrong path. with wrong people, and whenever i explain, she feels i am being so philosophical and old fashioned.
I don't know why am i writing it in this section, i am just sad. It's been a year she had chosen someone else as her best friend, but I am not able to get over her.
Why do I gt so easily attached with people? Will the person i love too leave me one day like this? :'(

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