I see people confessing their feelings to him/her. I mean its normal and okay, or even confessing that you like them. But the sad part about it is when you face rejection. Rejections are very hard to go through. Not because you can't be with the person you like/love but because knowing the fact that the other person doesn't see you the same as you do. Its really common to see these things today for me. Because i myself have gone through it a lot of times. And I'm not really ashamed of it. But i have learn't one thing till now that is Until we are not comfortable being alone with ourselves, we dont understand we are choosing someone out of love or loneliness.
But i am angry with something going on lately. Actually angry with a scenario.
1] Take for e.g. a guy likes a girl.
2] He knows the girl well for sometime. A month passes. Some more time passes.
3] He is attracted towards the girl in every possible way.
4] He confesses his feelings to the girl.
5] The girl rejects him for whatever reason it might be.
6] The guy feels bad and gets depressed.
7] Some time passes and he gets over it. Move's on.
8] He starts liking some other girl.
9] The first girl he liked, comes to know about this. Get's mad at him. And calls him a cheat and a player.

I don't really understand this. I mean u rejected him when he confessed his feelings. So you can't expect him/her to hang on to you for ever! So this basically can't be called cheating. And if he/she doesn't talk to you when you reject him - It means he really loved you coz you cannot be "just friends" you are madly in love with.

So please stop calling people cheats just because they moved on. Instead curse yourself, that they were there right in front of you and you could not see it. :)

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