Listen. Can you hear them?  The whispers of those lost thoughts eagerly waiting to be picked up? The ones that are wandering in random streets of chaos and peace all together? I find them searching for you, with no intentions of mischief but to occupy a random empty house upstairs if any. I hear many of em. Most making sense many that doesn't. Yet they somehow in their own weird way end up occupying my empty mind. Drifting my emptiness into an exotic journey within. Some put a smile on face, many puts me into a state of wonder. Its quite astonishing what few thoughts help us unfold! These thoughts have their way of attracting the best of our interests after all. In their own strange ways, they have the ability to shift ones state of mind to the state one truly desires and before we noticing it. Oh the power it holds, the impact it can do, and the way it inspires one, I cant help but be baffled you see. I have seen people. People who utilise the very thoughts to make profound changes in the world, I have seen people putting these thoughts deep into the void of ignorance, shaking these thoughts off their head like taking out a possessed ghost, freeing their minds to see the present again. We all have our reasons, these little thoughts have no sense of time. Despite of all the abilities and entertainment they provide, they do attempt to make your mind their own. Mind me that indeed is truly dangerous. Like innocent children they lurk around looking for someone friendly, someone of its own kind, familiar faces or perhaps even the once they find interesting. And the moment they find one, they make the place their own. Looking back, It occurs to me that there can never be people who might be left untouched by these thoughts. Every individual has their own set of thoughts they attract and fancy. The funny ones, the ghastly ones, the inspiring ones, the philosophical ones or even maybe bit perverted ones as well! I believe it depends on what we do with these thoughts that will determine what kind of person we truly are and will become. The kind of thoughts we attract, the one we set into motions, the one we shake off, and perhaps even a matter of choice towards these thoughts comes into play as well. What makes these thoughts dangerous is that they have an inevitable ability to inspire and motivate one through their ability to manipulate ones emotions. This has lead to destruction on one selves and others in the past. But the contrary is true as well. Perhaps in the end its all about these very thoughts we attract and the ones we shake it off that guides us to the future we truly want to be in. To my Irony, A part of what I am writing is a result of one such thought as well! Astonishing these thoughts are, making me wonder about themselves.


What kind of thoughts do you fancy ?

 I Wonder.

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