Imagine this situation when you send your child to school and while entering the building you see the school's art wall and there in the colourful charts you see some great articles about the artistry of the bullies present in the school. You see the articles of athletes modestly stuck in the corner even without photos. Well, and what would be your solution? Will you send your child to such a school where the honours of the bullies are rewarded and the wise are ignored?

Now imagine a multi-adult newspaper, in which the front pages are devoted to adult bullies. Where it is described how the hooligans are bombing the city, killing children and behaving disgracefully. Imagine a history textbook, composed of stories on the topic "How we can fight them" and "How to flunk the laws" Imagine the pantheon of national heroes which are 90% made ​​up of murderers and still represent us.
Who remembers when and where the first nuclear power plant was built? Only few people remember it whereas the annual school program does not require knowledge of such dates but every educated person should remember when and where the first atomic bomb exploded. In addition, many people remember when the Chernobyl NPP explosion occurred, of course, the phenomenon was more historical than any peaceful atom explosion. War, catastrophes and coronation date are the only basis of all history and stories about these incredibly significant events are arranged in chronological order, commonly referred to world history. The subject history, at present, is very gloomy and monotonous but highly instructive about the stories in which a person appears monster, pathologically violent and someone who is able to make a muck of any good initiative.

For some reason i believe that the war is the most important aspect of human activity and worthy of the most detailed description.

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