A girl so alone
Feeling desolated
Feeling enervated
Trying to smile
But tears are shedding
In her deep eyes, unfathomable
Grief is pertaining
In the nadir of her soft heart
Loneliness is finding abode
She is the princess of land and seas
But feeling all alone
She is the angel, the girl with golden heart
She loves a boy, mediocre, far from her
Miles apart they live, but together in thoughts
They dance together, sail the paper boat
The world of imagination they share
In heart they pray for one another, they care
They trust, they believe, they smile together
In talks of few moments, they live together
They long to be each other, dreams in eyes
The princess sheds tears, wishes in cries
The boy far in other corner of earth tries
To make his angel calm, to feel her warm
By his invisible, intangible embraces
He silently wishes the same as the girl
Wish to kiss her cheek, to play with hair’s curl
But he refrains from intense talks of intimacy
And wish to make this love story a divine saga
He wishes to see that angel on apex of success
And to see her shining, making world bow for her prowess

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