CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE? You would’ve asked the same question if YOU TOO HAD A LOVE STORY (I am not mocking any WRITER, it’s just a coincidence). The answer to this question is Love can happen ‘N’ no of times (where N ϵ NATURAL Nos). Most of us fall in love multiple times. First with the person(s) we want to marry and finally with the person we marry (not because of our choice, but because of our parent’s).
Our Brain is manipulated by a lot of things. First our close ones they wouldn’t let you forget a minute thing about that person. There is a joke about this situation ”If you think about the same person at least 5 times a day………….congrats tumhari lag gayi”. You end up imagining yourself with that person in each & every romantic scene of movies. To add to this are singers and lyricists. From Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga (BEGINNING OF RELATIONSHIP) to Oye raju pyaar na kariyo (BREAKUP) they have a song for every situation, enhancing your misery. To add to this we have our social networking sites where you will find a lot of images motivating you to click a selfie on each occasion (to prove that you are also good looking).
IS THIS LOVE? The question is raised again and again. IT’S NOT. It’s just manipulation and bad judgment on the part of your Prefrontal Cortex. “If u want to term it as Love, FINE”, says Parietal Lobe, Occipital Lobe, Amygdala and other parts of the Brain.
But Prefrontal cortex doesn’t listen to them and answers the above question affirmatively and you wound up with this overrated feeling dominating your brain and your life (And we blame our poor HEART for all this saying,”DIL TO BACCHA HAI JI”) 

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