"It's too easy to fall in love with someone!" a friend said.

"It's not easy to find true love." said another.

Things happen in life. And love happen everytime we set our minds free and crumbling into others' hearts. But with time modernism has changed a few concepts. Love isn't anymore just about a feeling today, it has become a culture, a tradition amongst youngsters. Well, don't get me wrong cause I am not too different, but certain things can still be discussed in good humour.

Now who doesn't want to fall in love and feel all those ticklish sensations when your hormones play crazy in you? Everyone. But love is not just restricted to good feelings and that's exactly why your love life gets abruptly and unexpectedly turned. For people who play love as a game it always become a source of enjoyment while dealing with fake feelings. They don't care about outcomes, heartbreaks or true love and walk away gaining some detestable experience. While the one who is left broken and shattered suffers from that abrupt turn in life. Betrayal teach lessons that are hard to forget for them and trust loses some of its essence in the long run. But who cares! Break ups aren't exceptions now a days!

But again look at those lovers with soft hearts. Look at them how they have pure unbiased feelings for someone. But still, is an everlasting relationship granted? No. They may be true lovers but still biases of the uncanny customs may prove fatal. Isn't it a pity that most of them may end up heartbroken and with an uprooted trust in love? Can the lovers imagine how things may still turn out to be when love life takes an abrupt turn, how a break up may doom upon them one unfortunate day?

Lovers, what is it that may secure your precious relationship and keep break up at a distance? Is it precisely dedication and trust accompanied by true feelings? Or is it that some careful selection and scrutiny before selecting someone may save your day? Or is it all about relationship management? Think about it, break ups in love life have become so common that it may pay visit anytime sooner. Watch out! Are you prepared to avoid that abrupt turn in life that may change you for ever leaving you with bitter experiences?

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