Hard work can come from a keen urge, interest, a desperation, commitment, and concerns, motives (rage and anger). Sometimes it can be really difficult to figure out the reason behind working so hard. At one moment you may think that you want to prove something, at other you may want to achieve something and at another you may be totally unaware, why are you working so hard?

Let’s take an example of a situation in which you have to work hard.

Say you are in love (I am sure most of you have been in one, and others would have thought about it surely). Now let’s analyze this situation. Let’s go stepwise........

1) You love someone and you don’t know about her feelings. You work hard to please her, put all your efforts in knowing about her likes/dislikes, trying to impress her.

You worked hard here, because you liked something, it interests you.

2) Then you work hard to know what she thinks about you. You make a common friend, collect information of their gossips, and survey her social networking site.

You worked hard here, because you are desperate and “have a desire for knowledge”.

3) Then you work hard to convey your feelings to her. You don’t know though why you worked so hard here because there are two consequences of every action: success and failure but this one here has only one consequence-- failure.

4) Either she says yes or no.

5) If yes, you work hard every day to please her, keep her happy and lot of other small things that are really unimportant. Everyone who has faced a yes knows how much hard work they have to do.

You worked hard here, because you have worked hard before and you need to keep up with your reputation.

6) If no, even worse. You work hard every day to forget what has happened and come out of the pain. Again, everyone who has faced a no knows how much hard work they have to do.

You work hard here, because you have committed a mistake and you want to prove that you are strong enough to emerge out from the worst of situations.

7) You love someone again and you work hard because………

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