It starts off texting all the time. Sending each
other smiley faces, making each other smile.
Flirting, staying up late at night just having fun.
Then things get more serious. You start getting
more personal. Then you meet, you kiss him,
you fall for him. Then he asks you out. You
date. Doesn’t matter for how long, but you fall.
Fall hard enough you don’t know what’s
happening. And when you wake up, you’re left
with reality. He breaks up with you in a matter
of not even a month, or maybe more. But in the
end, it’s all the same. You always end up with a
broken heart. And you keep going back to him
because you love him. You’ll take his crap, you
don’t care, because you just want him.

::::: PK ♥MâĎĎÝ :::::

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