Falling for some one is as easy as to get attentive to the source of light in the darkness! But what really matters is to keep looking up to that light! to feel the same every moment! Because, at first the light seems to be a blessing and that moment is the moment of delight for your down heart. But, as you get closer to the source, your eyes start itching and you no more really relish the feeling you had when you first saw that light. So, gradually, with every step forward, with eyes half closed and heart blocked by the barrier of intensity of the light, you feel no more joy for that light, you just keep moving on with a purpose to grab it! And when you reach it, you even loose the real meaning of your purpose, it just becomes a random action. As soon as you get hold of it, you turn it away from your face and change its direction...Here is when you come to realize that you cannot have that feeling for the light always! It means, it was just a moment that comes in your life_ when you experienced the mirth of its appearance_ and that temporary moment was meant to be temporary, no matter how much helpful that light had been useful to you, but you just cannot desire it with the invariable feelings!
Similar is the case with we human beings. We think that the presence of some person is enough to make you fall in love for that person. It is not so! It is just an attraction and attraction ends one day, decreasing gradually. But, true love stays there even in the absence of that particular person! So, ask not only your heart but also your mind the same question whether you can "fall everyday" for the same person! Don't make haste. If your love is true then you will never close your eyes, will never loose the meaning of if, will never change its direction. You will rather keep moving forward towards it with an ever increasing feeling for it! It will not not be a random wish for you, but a permanent need! Realize before you are mistaken!

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