[Act 1 Scene 1]

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Yohan! Yohan! come here!

YOHAN - Yes sir, what is it?

PROFESSOR DIVARO - I have a challenge and an opportunity to give you. You have to use and complete them by the end of the long two month break.

YOHAN - Hmm...Ok sir.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - That's a good sport. Which one would you like to hear first, opportunity or challenge?

YOHAN - Maybe the Challenge.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Good choice! now you know very well that you're an excellent music student right?

YOHAN - I can't say that because I'm not the professor or the judge.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Ho ho ho! I like this modesty. I'm saying that you're an excellent music student.

YOHAN - Oh, t-thanks sir!

PROFESSOR DIVARO - You play the guitar, piano and keyboard really well.

YOHAN - Thanks sir.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Which is why I'm taking your learning to the next level, and this is where the challenge comes in. I want you to compose your "own" song!

YOHAN - W-What? m-me composing my o-own song? I don't think I can do this sir.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Oh come on, it's not that hard. You already have the brains and experience behind playing every instrument properly. Now all that's left for you is applying your creative mind to compose a song.

YOHAN - But sir won't it be hard? It might take more than 2 months.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Listen Yohan, I've seen you during your practice sessions. You know very well yourself that you have a good ear, meaning you can pick up a song melody within 30 seconds just by listening to it. Let me tell you one thing, only 1 in a million musicians have this gift, and by god's grace you have it. Those who acquire this gift take 1 month or even 20 days to compose, whereas the others who don't take more than 2 months like you said. You can do it.

YOHAN - Ok sir, i-if you insist.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - That's a good sport! I know you can do it, and here's the good part about this challenge. You can pick any genre or scale to compose your song, it's your choice. You have all the freedom in the world to compose as you wish, in the end of the 2 months you have to present the melody to me to check it. After that we will have one of our students sing it. You get to pick who you want to sing your song because it's your composition.

YOHAN - Ok sir, what's the opportunity?

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Oh yes that! you'll love the opportunity part even more. Have you been to a concert before?

YOHAN - Actually no..I haven't.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - You haven't? in all your life? and yet you are an excellent music student? by golly you'll improve so much just by attending this concert.

YOHAN - Is the opportunity attending a concert?

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Yes! it's Sandy's live concert. I know very well that you love her songs.

YOHAN - Yes, I do love her songs very much, but I haven't had a glimpse of her appearance yet.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - Which is why I got you a complimentary ticket to watch her concert. You'll be sitting at the front row.

YOHAN - Wait front row? aren't the front row tickets expensive? how did you get them as a complimentary ticket?

PROFESSOR DIVARO - I told the organizers that I'm reserving a ticket for my music student here at Lasalle. They told me that art students get a complimentary ticket. I picked front row especially for you.

YOHAN - Thanks sir! I'll definitely see the concert.

PROFESSOR DIVARO - You better, not only won't you enjoy the front row experience but you'll also be able to observe how she sings using the correct pitch and voice strain. Things to consider when composing a song for someone to sing.


PROFESSOR DIVARO - Well then, looks like everyone else has gone to enjoy their break. Despite giving you the challenge, don't forget to enjoy your break. Creative minds only work when in peace and happiness. To attain that you must remember to relax! See you after the break Yohan!

YOHAN - Bye Professor! Let's see, Sandy's Live Concert...Suntec City.....Concert Hall 5...Front row....Seat no: 11....February 14th. Hold on, February 14th is tomorrow, which is also Valentines Day.

[Act 1 Scene 2]

YOHAN - Who's calling me, Hello?

PHILIPPE - Hello Yohan? it's me Philippe!

YOHAN - Oh hi Philippe! how are you?

PHILIPPE - Good as usual, I called to ask whether you're free tonight.

YOHAN - I'm going to see Sandy's Concert tonight.

PHILIPPE - Oh wow! Sandy's concert. She's an amazing singer, hope you enjoy the concert!

YOHAN - Why did you have plans for us tonight?

PHILIPPE - Well, I kind of booked the ballroom at Raffles Hotel for couples Night. It's Valentines Day y'know? time to get down with our girls.

YOHAN - Oh Couples Night.

PHILIPPE - Yes and I thought of inviting you too but looks like you had other plans.

YOHAN - You didn't have to invite me, it's couples night not friends night. You and the others can enjoy the night, if I come anyways I'll be all alone because I don't have a girl.

PHILIPPE - Oh don't say that Yohan, I'm not inviting you to experience love depression. I wanted to invite you so that you don't feel left out.

YOHAN - Even if I do show up, I'll be left out because I don't have a girl. You don't need to feel sad for me, my perfect girl is out there. We're both searching for each other, I'm pretty sure she'll come soon.

PHILIPPE - You've been saying that for 2 years and nothing has happened.

YOHAN - Love doesn't follow time, love follows what's in our heart. It's the same with destiny following our passion. Time is just a frame to indicate how slow or fast we are.

PHILIPPE - Well, ok then! Bye.

YOHAN - Bye! Now where was I? oh yes getting ready for the concert.

[Act 1 Scene 3]

YOHAN - Front row...Seat no: 11. Here it is, wow just look at the stage: Drums, Guitars, Triangle, Keyboard, and shakers. This'll be a good concert!

SANDY - Hi everyone!! I'm glad to be here in Singapore! are you all ready to have fun?!

ALL - YES!!!

SANDY - That's good! I love the atmosphere here! the crowd, the stage, everything's perfect. I can't wait to entertain you all!

(Concert Performance)

[Act 2 Scene 1]

YOHAN - Oh my god! I-I don't know what to say. I finally saw her, there was a missing piece in my heart and now it's full. What's it called again? Love! that's it! I'm in love! I've never fallen for such mesmerizing beauty, elegance, positivity and sweet voice. Could she be the one I've been searching for? Is she the one that would make my life complete?

[Act 2 Scene 2]

YOHAN - Gosh I can't seem to sleep, Sandy's messing with my dreams and thoughts! I really can't stop smiling or being this extremely happy. I feel like I can cross the 7 skies and skii the 100 mountains. Yes! she is the one that would complete my life. But wait she's a celebrity, and what am I: Just one of her million fans. Oh no now why did I think of that now, now I feel so sick in the stomach. Now I feel like grabbing hold of her to be with me! I'll just sleep, dreaming our first meeting at the concert.

[Act 3 Scene 1]

PHILIPPE - Hey Yohan! How was the concert?

YOHAN - Yes it was awesome! I really enjoyed it, how was couples night.

PHILIPPE - Yeah it was good, not really lively though. Since it was couples night we could only slow-dance for an hour. Couple of people had enough of dancing slowly to the music, others slept while dancing and their partner was stunned to see that happen. Not very lovely you see.

YOHAN - I can tell, you guys should try having more activites at couples night. Instead of slow-dancing the entire time, have couple games and stuff. You know what I'm saying?

PHILIPPE - Yes I get your point. Man, why didn't I think of that?

YOHAN - It's ok, just consider my points for next time.

PHILIPPE - Sure, how about you? anything interesting happened at the concert?

YOHAN - Lately I'm feeling too happy and jolly after the concert.

PHILIPPE - Too happy and jolly? everyone's meant to be happy and jolly. What do you mean by too happy and jolly?

YOHAN - I can't stop smiling or being happy all the time.

PHILIPPE - This just got creepier, good thing we're talking on the phone. I would've ran away looking at your psychopathic face. When did this happen?

YOHAN - At the concert.

PHILIPPE - More specific, what point of time at the concert. Was it because of the music?

YOHAN - Before the concert started I was normal. When Sandy showed up on stage in front of me it happened. I was front row, so it had a stronger effect on me.

PHILIPPE - OHHH! Yohan! you seriously don't know what it is? how did you feel after the concert?

YOHAN - I felt like I could cross the 7 skies. I felt like a piece of me was complete.

PHILIPPE - LOVE!! You're in love Yohan!

YOHAN - Yes I know that Philippe hahaha!

PHILIPPE - Wait what? you knew this entire time that you were in love?

YOHAN - Well yeah!

PHILIPPE - Man you could've told me directly you were in love, instead of taking up 2 minutes of this chat.

YOHAN - I was just messing with you.

PHILIPPE - Well hope you got what you wanted. So? is she the perfect girl you were talking about?

YOHAN - I've decided it, she's the one.

PHILIPPE - Love's perspective it's acceptable, in reality she's a celebrity and you're just her fan.

YOHAN - Don't say that Philippe, remember how I told you the other day that love doesn't follow time?

PHILIPPE - Yes, what about it?

YOHAN - Love doesn't follow reality either. Love is totally different from reality! Reality requires following rules and regulations. Love doesn't have rules and regulations, we all have absolute freedom to love people of our choice. This automatically makes love a fantasy.

PHILIPPE - Fantasy conveys messages that are difficult or impossible to achieve in reality. This is reality, the chances of you getting her under your wing is one in ten thousand.

YOHAN - Again I don't look at my chances, time or reality. I go by what my heart says, and my heart says it's aching for Sandy.

PHILIPPE - What are you saying?

YOHAN - I will get that girl. I swear upon love that I will win her over somehow.

PHILIPPE - Well ok then, obviously you're having those love-struck crazy talks now. Go on, we'll see if she comes to couples night with you next time.

YOHAN - You just wait and see. I will get that girl, I don't care if she's a celebrity or a poor girl. This is love!

[Act 3 Scene 2]

YOHAN - That was some emotional talk with Philippe. Maybe he's right I'm probably going through those crazy love-struck talks, but I'm right too. I will do my best to get her under my wing. It'll probably take long but as long as she's here nothing will stop me!

(Opens Facebook)

YOHAN - Oh what's this? "Sandy's Challenge@Singapore! Compose a melody with lyrics, send it to Sandy. Winner spends a day with Sandy!" Oh my god, what did I just read! am I hallucinating? let me go wash my face. Yes it's true! she is having a challenge. The deadline is in 20 days. Hold on a second, my challenge is composing a song. Why not have Sandy sing my song and share it with everyone at college. Maybe I could release it to public and earn fame, then she would like me. Oh my I can't wait! I'm going to start composing right now.

(Composing on his piano)

[Act 3 Scene 3]

YOHAN - Yes! I've finally composed my own song. The key scales and notes are correct, lyrics are accurate and appropriate. Genre is pop, now all that's left is to send the recording file to Sandy. Now then Sandy's facebook page...Upload recording....Recorded by Yohan (Lasalle music student)...POST!


YOHAN - Woah! looks like I'm the only one who has posted my composition. Professor's right, I really am gifted. By the time they send their composition it would be more than 20 days. Better not under-estimate my competitors, there are a whole lot of musicians out there in the competition.

[Act 4 Scene 1]

YOHAN - It's 6:30am, who's calling me this early in the morning? Hello?

SANDY - Hello is this Yohan?

YOHAN - Yes this Yohan? who's speaking?

SANDY - I'm part of Sistic. Right now I have an important thing to tell you.

YOHAN - Ok what is it?

SANDY - You have won "Sandy's Challenge". Sandy loved your composition and wants you to meet her at Suntec City by 7:30am.

YOHAN - Wait what? I-I won the challenge! Sandy chose my song!

SANDY - Yes sir, and she's waiting for you at Suntec City. Come quick.

YOHAN - Oh god! I can't b-believe I won! what were the chances of this happening? Professor did say I'm an excellent music student. Within the campus? maybe not Singapore itself, look now I'm going to see Sandy face to face. This is already the biggest dream come true. What was the prize again? Spending a day with her! I'm actually going to spend a day with my idol, my dream girl. Could this day get any better?

[Act 4 Scene 2]

YOHAN - Where is she? where is she? Oh there she is!

SANDY - I'm very glad to announce the winner of the challenge. Can we have drum roll please.

(Drum roll)

SANDY - The winner is....Yohan!

YOHAN - Oh dear..I'm having goosebumps all over. I'm literally shivering. Put yourself together Yohan, don't wet your pants! don't wet your pants!

SANDY - You're Yohan right?

YOHAN - Y-Y-Yes I-I'm Yohan.

SANDY - Congratulations Yohan (Shakes hand) how does it feel to win?

YOHAN - I-I really don't know what to say, I'm really happy that a professional singer likes my song. I haven't showed my song to anyone, I directly sent it to her and she accepted it.

SANDY - That's wonderful to hear. To all the other contestants you too did an awesome job. It was a tough choice to make as all the compositions were mind-blowing!

[Act 4 Scene 3]

SANDY - Come with me Yohan, we have an entire day ahead of us.

YOHAN - O-Ok ma'am!

(enter limo)

SANDY - Well how do you like it?

YOHAN - L-Like what ma'am?

SANDY - The limo, most importantly the pride of winning?

YOHAN - I-I've already said it to everyone at Suntec City. Now I'm simply speechless ma'am.

SANDY - Hmm...Good! by the way you don't need to call me ma'am, call me by my name Sandy.

YOHAN - B-But I'm younger than you by 6 years. It's more respectful to say ma'am.

SANDY - Not exactly, I like it when I'm called by my stage name. Otherwise I feel old when called ma'am.

YOHAN - O-Ok, S-S-Sandy?

SANDY - That's my name! you said it! hey why are feeling nervous? come on have fun!

YOHAN - I-I don't know Sandy, I'm happy because I'm spending a day with you, same time I feel nervous because it's happening quickly. I saw you for the first time at the concert on Valentines day, now I'm already spending time with you.

SANDY - A huge dream come true! we both have an entire day ahead of us to get to know each other, share experiences and so on. Are you excited?

YOHAN - Yes, I'm very excited.

[Act 4 Scene 4]

SANDY - Well here we are, this is my house.

YOHAN - Wow it's so big, I like it.

SANDY - Yes it's good since it's a big house, same time it's also boring because only I live in this big place. Not much people come and go here except for my 3 friends who come every evening.


SANDY - Well, today that won't be an issue because you'll be here with me!

YOHAN - Yes you're right.

SANDY - Ok now tell me, what would you like to do?

YOHAN - Well uh-

SANDY - Oh one more thing, in an hours time I have to go to a studio to practice singing my new song. It'll only take about 45 minutes.

YOHAN - Oh ok, who's the composer? I'll come with you.

SANDY - The composer probably won't allow outsiders to enter the studio because he or she will spoil the surprise about the new song.

YOHAN - Don't worry, I'm a music student at Lasalle arts college. I just want to come and observe how things work at a music studio, learn how to work voice controls etc.

SANDY - Oh nice! you're a music student, even better!

YOHAN - Even better?

SANDY - I'll elaborate, I love music more than anything. "Music is my life" if I put it in simple words. If you look at my playlist you can see a wide range of songs from classical to rock, pop, jazz etc.

YOHAN - Oh ok.

SANDY - And since you're a music student it'll be a way better experience. You could show-off your talent to the composer!

YOHAN - That'll be great! who's the composer again?

SANDY - Oh yeah! that'll be of suspense for now. You'll be in great joy when you see him. Speaking of music what instrument do you play?

YOHAN - Oh me? I play the guitar, piano and keyboard.

SANDY - Amazing! tell me more about yourself.

YOHAN - Well there's nothing really to say, I love music almost the same way as you do.

SANDY - Almost the same as I do?

YOHAN - I personally don't like heavy metal.

SANDY - You too! wow something we have in common. I don't really like extreme heavy metal.

YOHAN - Yeah because I feel the singers put more effort into screaming that singing.

SANDY - Hahahaha! you flatter me.

YOHAN - Really? I did?

SANDY - It's true what you said. It was funny when you said it.

YOHAN - Oh, OH haha! anything else about you?

SANDY - Nothing much though. Just carrying on with my music career and entertaining the audience.

YOHAN - Nice.

SANDY - Oh would you like anything to eat or drink?

YOHAN - Oh no I'm fine.

SANDY - Come on, it's going to be a long day?

YOHAN - Well maybe a cup of water.

SANDY - Rita! a cup of water please! anything else Yohan?

YOHAN - No thanks I'm fine.

SANDY - Well then, I'll get ready for the practice session. If you want you can take a tour around my house.

[Act 4 Scene 5]

YOHAN - Ok sure, well then here I am: In Sandy's house...Celebrity's house. Yesterday I was at my old ordinary house, here I am in the leading singer's house having a cup of water and talking with her. Goosebumps are coming again! I can't take the suspense, who is that composer?!

RITA - Your water?

YOHAN - Oh thanks! now where was I? oh yes Sandy. I'm deeply in love with her, and the only way for this to work out is if I get close to her. I only have this day to get close to her. Should I reveal my love today? no she'll immediately reject me and think I'm a joker. I'll do whatever it takes to have her accept me as a friend or just a special guest. She's coming! act normal!

SANDY - Hey I'm ready! you had your cup of water?

YOHAN - Y-Yes Sandy.

SANDY - Shall we make a move?

YOHAN - Sure.

[Act 4 Scene 6]

SANDY - Well here we are, this is the studio!

YOHAN - JC Studios?

SANDY - JC is the composer's initial. Can you guess who it is?

YOHAN - Hmm...is it Jay Clinton?

SANDY - Let's see if you're right.

JAY CLINTON - Hey Sandy you ready for practice?

YOHAN - Oh my god!! it it's Jay Clinton! I'm right! I-I can't believe he's actually in front of me!

JAY CLINTON - Sandy who's he? I thought I told you that outsiders aren't allowed.

SANDY - No sir he's a music student from Lasalle arts college. He won my music challenge and he gets to spend a day with me, he's very eager to learn how things work in the studio.

JAY CLINTON - Oh I see, this lucky man's spending the day with you right?

SANDY - Yes sir.

JAY CLINTON - What's your name sonny?

YOHAN - Y-Y-Yohan sir, I love your songs sir.

JAY CLINTON - That's what they all say. Well have a seat and I'll show you how things work around here.

YOHAN - T-Thanks.

JAY CLINTON - What instrument do you play?

YOHAN - Keyboard, Piano and the Guitar.

JAY CLINTON - Good! really good! a multi-talented musician I see. If you don't mind we'll begin our practice, I'll show you the studio functions afterwards.

YOHAN - Sure sir.

[Act 4 Scene 7]


JAY CLINTON - No Sandy, your pitch is slightly off at that line. Maintain the G Major pitch in your voice alright?

SANDY - Ok, like this?

JAY CLINTON - Yes like that.


JAY CLINTON - You're going off-tune Sandy. Stay with the melody, follow the pitch and timing of the melody.

SANDY - Sure sir.

JAY CLINTON - Ok practice is over, Sandy you need to find a way to rehearse this song at home. It's been a week and we're slightly delaying.

SANDY - I practice at home all the time sir, acapela.

JAY CLINTON - Well you got to somehow practice even more. By next rehearsal I want to finish the 2nd verse of the song.

SANDY - Ok sir.

JAY CLINTON - Now then, Yohan come here I'll show you how it works around here. This is the computer, I use garageband software to record the singing. If there are any minor/small errors I can easily edit them out using precision editor.

YOHAN - Oh ok.

JAY CLINTON - This is the beats room, I call it the beats room because this part of the studio is full of beat instruments like drums, timpani etc. Basically the recording for the beats take place here, and like singing I use garageband to record the beats.

YOHAN - Nice.

JAY CLINTON - This is the complete band area, other than beat instruments every other instrument's recording takes place here using garageband.

YOHAN - When listening to songs the background music is always a bit softer than the singing. How do you reduce the volume of the background music.

JAY CLINTON - That's where the voice controls come in. In front of the singing area we have this huge voice control panel. It may look complicated but it actually is really simple. Basically here I upload all of the instrumental or synthesized music for a song into each of these USB pods. The music gets uploaded into each of these separate sound systems. After that all I have left to do is-

YOHAN - Experiment with the volume for each music or sound to go with the song.

JAY CLINTON - Exactly, you catch on really fast. That's basically it! did you like the tour?

YOHAN - Yes sir, it was a good learning experience. Thanks for giving me this opportunity Sandy!

SANDY - Don't say it to me, I just escorted you here. Say it to Jay Clinton.

YOHAN - Ok, thanks sir.

JAY CLINTON - Don't say it to me, she brought you here. I just did my job.

YOHAN - I'll thank both of you, without each of you I wouldn't have had such an experience.

JAY CLINTON - It was a pleasure to have you here, and before you leave could you please play us a melody.

YOHAN - On the Piano?

JAY CLINTON - Any instrument. Any melody of your choice.

SANDY - This is what you wanted right? go for it!

YOHAN - Ok then, (whispers) what should I play? ah! I got it!

[Act 4 Scene 8]

JAY CLINTON - Oh my god! d-did you just-

SANDY - Y-Yes he did sir. I-I can't believe it!

JAY CLINTON - H-He played my newly composed song, really accurately!

SANDY - A-And he just heard the song this session.

YOHAN - Did you like it sir?

JAY CLINTON - Did I like it? it was amazing! have you heard this song before?

YOHAN - No sir, I heard this song during today's session only.


YOHAN - My music professor said I have a good ear, so I can pick up a new melody quicker than others. If I like the melody I pick it up faster than how I usually do. I loved your new melody so I picked it up immediately.

JAY CLINTON - That is simply astonishing to hear! are you aware that only one in million musicians have this gift?

YOHAN - Yes sir, my professor told me that too.

JAY CLINTON - Sandy! you're guest is no ordinary person, he's a gifted musician. A lucky charm.

SANDY - Ok sir, see you next time!

JAY CLINTON - Bye Sandy! it was a pleasure to meet your guest!

[Act 4 Scene 9]

SANDY - Well Yohan, I don't what to say. No one has ever stunned Jay Clinton like you did. How long have you had that gift for?

YOHAN - I'm not sure really, when I first started learning music I loved to listen to songs all the time. I had that inner interest to play the melodies I listen to, and somehow I managed to accurately identify and perform them.

SANDY - It's amazing how you developed this. Maybe you can become a composer one day.

YOHAN - Hopefully I do, and maybe you could be the first one to sing my song.

SANDY - hahhaha

YOHAN - Did I say anything wrong?

SANDY - No no! I'm again flattered by the fact you chose me to sing your first song.

YOHAN - Oh ok. Jay Clinton said that you're still struggling on the second verse for about a week now, what's it about?

SANDY - Oh it's nothing really, just something every singer like me goes through.

YOHAN - What's it about actually?

SANDY - I've been rehearsing this song for 2 weeks now, I managed to get the chorus parts correctly because it's always repeated after every other verse. It's only the other verses that I find hard to sing, and that's not only because of the lyrics, it's because some verses have a different tune. So when I practice acapela at home I don't know if I'm right or wrong.

YOHAN - I see.

SANDY - It's not just me, it's every other singer out there that has the same problem. I just rectify my mistakes at the studio and practice what the composer says at home.

YOHAN - Ok. I have an idea, it may get hasty though.

SANDY - Idea? for what?

YOHAN - Idea to solve your problem. Come with me to my place.

SANDY - Me? come to your place? are you sure Yohan, public will go crazy for me!

YOHAN - Don't worry, I live in an independent house, a quiet place away from many people.

SANDY - Well, ok then. But not for long, is that ok?

YOHAN - Sure, it won't be long. Just 5 minutes.

[Act 4 Scene 10]

YOHAN - Well here we are.

SANDY - Nice house.

YOHAN - Not better than yours though.

SANDY - If you don't mind can I ask one thing?

YOHAN - Sure.

SANDY - Why is your house away from many people? why do you like this quiet place?

YOHAN - Being a music student I should be able to have ample practice times at home in peace. I'm able to practice in peace, in a quiet place. Using inspirations and ideas to add sparks to my practices also depend upon the location.

SANDY - Oh nice, I have to say it does look like a great place to practice in peace and quiet.

YOHAN - I'll be right back, I need to bring something. After I bring it we can go.


(Brings his keyboard and guitar)

YOHAN - I got my things, we can go.

SANDY - What did you bring?

YOHAN - It's a surprise. I'll tell you later at your place.

SANDY - Sure.

[Act 4 Scene 11]

SANDY - Well here we are, now tell me, what did you bring?

YOHAN - I brought my instruments over.

SANDY - Your instruments? for what Yohan? You're only going to spend a day here.

YOHAN - A day is enough. This is the answer to your problem. You mentioned earlier on that you couldn't tell if you're right or wrong when singing acapela right?

SANDY - Yes.

YOHAN - If you practice with music you will-

SANDY - Do better! I can record my song earlier than when I have to.

YOHAN - And this is where I come in to-

SANDY - Help me out by playing the melody for me because you know it perfectly like Jay Clinton. Yohan you're a genius!

YOHAN - Well what are we waiting for, shall we begin? we only have a day to make the best of it.

SANDY - Sure let's begin!

[Act 4 Scene 12]

SANDY - Yohan thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your help!

YOHAN - My pleasure Sandy. I'm always ready to help!

SANDY - Jay Clinton said I have to be able to sing the 2nd verse, well now I can sing the entire song meaning I can record it next session!

YOHAN - Yes, this method helps to get you ahead of schedule.

SANDY -True Yohan! you played really well during our mini practice. I think you're this close to becoming a good composer.

YOHAN - Not exactly.

SANDY - Why not? you play really well, and more over you rectified my errors.

YOHAN - But the actual fact is that I'm playing Jay Clinton's composition.

SANDY - hahahah

YOHAN - D-Did I f-flatter you?

SANDY - Yes you did as a matter of fact!

(doorbell rings)

SANDY - I think my friends are here, it's evening already.

YOHAN - I'll wait here. Oh dear her friends are coming, what if they start teasing me or make me feel left out? Oh god what do I do? What do I do?

SANDY - Over here guys! this is Yohan, the winner of my music challenge.

CARA - I'm Cara, nice to meet you.

KIM - I'm Kim.

MATT - I'm Matt.

SANDY - Yohan these are my friends.


KIM - Sandy, a really shy one don't you think?

SANDY - Everyone has that, he's probably still in shock about being here with us.

MATT - Hmm...hahahha, nice!

CARA - Don't be rude Matt!

MATT - I wasn't, I just chuckled.

CARA - Weird laugh.

SANDY - He's no ordinary winner, he's a music student here at Lasalle arts college. Recently today at noon he stunned Jay Clinton with his instrument playing.

MATT - Wow! that's amazing!

KIM - He actually stunned Jay Clinton?

SANDY - I'm not joking, he actually stunned him!

CARA - That's just amazing!

SANDY - Me and Yohan practiced a song together, do you guys want to hear it?

KIM - Go for it!

CARA - Break a leg guys!

YOHAN - B-Break a leg?

MATT - No not like that, as in give us all you've got!

YOHAN - Oh ok.

KIM - hahaha Cara, he's a really interesting guy!

CARA - I know right! Sandy's guest is quite something.

MATT - Take it away guys!


[Act 4 Scene 13]

MATT - That was amazing!

SANDY - You really like it?

KIM - Of course we did! I mean your singing, the best as always and then his amazing instrumental talent.

CARA - Truly mind-blowing! what song is this? I haven't heard it before.

SANDY - This is the song that's going to be released pretty soon by Jay Clinton.

MATT - Jay Clinton! this is a Jay Clinton composition! how does he-

SANDY - It's a long story. You see I brought him to JC Studios for my practice session, he's the one in million musicians that have a good ear meaning they pick up melodies quicker than others.

KIM - So basically he heard the melody during your practice session and performed it to us?

SANDY - Well yes. Amazing right?

MATT - You're right, he's really gifted!

SANDY - In fact I was struggling to sing the second verse of this song during today's practice, Yohan drove to his place, brought his instruments over and helped me rectify my mistakes.

CARA - Such a gentleman you are Yohan.

YOHAN - T-Thank you.

KIM - Wait so all of this happened in one day?

SANDY - Yes, the prize of the competition is spending a day with the winner.

KIM - He did all of this in one day?

SANDY - Well yes.

MATT - Sandy could we talk to you for a minute?


YOHAN - Oh ok, I-I'll be in the balcony.

[Act 4 Scene 14]

SANDY - Well what's this about?

CARA - This is regarding your guest Yohan.

SANDY - Why you don't like him?

KIM - Who said we don't like him. He's amazing!

MATT - We called you over to give a suggestion.

SANDY - Well, what's the suggestion?

CARA - Sandy, within a day he's already made your life easier by helping you with your new song.

MATT - He's musically talented just like you.

KIM - He doesn't look too excited over exaggerative either.

SANDY - So..what's your point?

CARA - I think Yohan is a keepers.

KIM - Y'know, more than just your fan and a random guest.

SANDY - Y-You mean like-

MATT - A friend.

SANDY - A friend? are you sure?

CARA - Listen Sandy, is he friendly?

SANDY - Yes.

KIM - Does he look approachable and helpful?

SANDY - Yes.

MATT - Does he act like a poser, excited or over exaggerative?

SANDY - No, he talks with a sort of low tone. He isn't loud.

CARA - Does he look trustworthy?

SANDY - Yes, he doesn't look like a big-mouth to me.

KIM - A guest can be a big mouth at times, fans go crazy at all times meaning they get excited. But him, he's different.

MATT - Kim's right, you would've expected a fan to go crazy with you. Yohan is something special, we feel that you should grab hold of him y'know.

SANDY - I get it, I think you're right! he is a good person. He's different from every other outsider that goes crazy for me. He was a bit excited at first then by the time, he calmed down.

CARA - You see? he only got excited because he got the chance to meet you, but as he got to know you more he calmed down. If you keep him as a good friend, you'll get to know each other more and he'll be more calmer than ever. He won't even feel like a fan anymore.

SANDY - You're right! he's already done a really big favour for me. He can be of good use during my practice sessions. More over he's very honest, I like honest people. I'll keep hold of him!

KIM - That's the spirit! now go, tell Yohan. He may get excited, you have to somehow calm him down afterwards. You can do that right?

SANDY - I'm sure he'll calm down quickly.

[Act 4 Scene 15]

MATT - Well, looks like we'll make a move.

CARA - It was good fun with you Yohan.

KIM - Yes it really was.

YOHAN - O-Ok t-thanks. B-Bye.

CARA - Bye Sandy!

SANDY - Bye!

YOHAN - Well, it's almost the end of the day. I'll leave at 8pm.

SANDY - Another 1 hour right?

YOHAN - Yes, I think now I'll pack my stuff.

SANDY - Ok, please have dinner before you leave.

YOHAN - No it's ok, I think you've done enough when you had me over today.

SANDY - What? don't be ridiculous, it's always a pleasure to have people over. Like I said earlier it's always lonely here, just like today my friends come every evening. After that it's just me and my maid Rita.

YOHAN - Well..what do you insist on?

SANDY - Have dinner before you leave. I told Rita to make Pasta, I'm sure you'll love it.

YOHAN - O-Ok S-Sandy.

[Act 4 Scene 16]

SANDY - How do you like the pasta?

YOHAN - It's very good.

SANDY - Rita's a good cook. I hired her after trying her pasta at Trattoria.


SANDY - Yes, when I love or appreciate something so much it's very hard for me to part away from it. I couldn't resist Rita's pasta so I asked her whether she would like to be here with me.

YOHAN - Oh nice.

SANDY - So did you enjoy your time with me today?

YOHAN - Y-Yes, I really don't know what to say. My dream has come true today, I've spent a day with an amazing singer, met an amazing composer and learnt how to work a studio and learnt about you outside your singing career.

SANDY - Aww that's so sweet. You really feel that way?

YOHAN - Well yes because it's not everyday you spend a day with a singer or meet a composer.

SANDY - Hahhaaa.

YOHAN - W-What happened, d-did I say anything wrong?

SANDY - I'm flattered Yohan! do you know what flatters me most about you?

YOHAN - W-What?

SANDY - How you keep asking me if you said something wrong when I laugh at your talk.

YOHAN - O-Oh, all I can say is that there's nothing that could get better than this day.

SANDY - You know what Yohan, maybe it can.

YOHAN - Yes, you're right. I could become a composer like you said.

SANDY - There's more to it.

YOHAN - There's more?

SANDY - Well yes, there is actually.

YOHAN - W-What is it?

SANDY - What I'm about to tell you will be music to your ears.

YOHAN - O-Ok then?

SANDY - I've been thinking Yohan. For me or any celebrity there are several types of people. There are fans, people who go crazy for the celebrity and would do anything just to get close and act over-excited. Then there are guests, people who act decent but always love to reveal lies or gossips about the celebrity. I have many people from these categories, my friends in particular fall in between. You on the other hand, you are a crazy fan of me, you are also a decent guest, but more over you have extra qualities which I like.

YOHAN - So..are you trying to say that I'm an interesting person?

SANDY - Yes you're an interesting person, which is why-

YOHAN - Why?-

SANDY - I want to-

YOHAN - want to-

SANDY - have you as my good friend.

YOHAN - Wait What! a g-good f-friend? w-what d-do you mean?

SANDY - You know how close I am to my 3 friends?

YOHAN - Y-Yes.

SANDY - I want you to be that close to me.

YOHAN - You! me! g-good f-friends! (faints)

[Act 4 Scene 17]

SANDY - Yohan? are you ok? wake up Yohan!

YOHAN - I-I'm sorry Sandy, I-I just had the strangest thought.

SANDY - What strange thought?

YOHAN - It was about you accepting me as your good friend, and that I should be close to you like your 3 friends. A crazy thought right? it's not something you would say to me.

SANDY - It's real silly! I really did accept you as my good friend. I also mentioned that I want you to be close like my 3 friends.

YOHAN - Y-You're serious? y-you really think that-

SANDY - Of course Yohan! what's the problem with having you as my friend? is it because I'm a celebrity and you're a fan?

YOHAN - I t-think so.

SANDY - No Yohan, jus because someone's a celebrity it doesn't mean you can't become their friend. If you go outside you see engineers friends with doctors, presidents friends with drivers etc. Even my 3 other friends are not celebrities, they're my friends from high school.

YOHAN - Oh, wow. I j-just can't believe this is happening. It's happening really quickly. In a day, in a day I've spent a day with you, met a famous composer and became your friend. What have I done to get this reward?

SANDY - Honesty, talent, personality, positivity and being helpful.

YOHAN - I-I did all that?

SANDY - Yes, in fact one of the advantages of having you as a friend is helping me practice singing my new songs. You do have a good ear right?

YOHAN - Y-Yes?

SANDY - See! I'm satisfied, you're satisfied. We're now officially good friends.

YOHAN - Oh my god! (hugs Sandy). Oh, I-I'm really sorry Sandy. I d-didn't mean to hug you like that, I just felt r-really h-happy, w-we're still f-friends right?

SANDY - Don't worry Yohan, we're still friends. It's ok if you hugged me in that joy, sometimes people can't control themselves when in the same kind of scenario. I understand it's very common for everyone, not your fault. Besides we're friends, I'll take it as a friendly hug.

YOHAN - O-Ok Sandy, thanks for u-understanding me.

SANDY - Your welcome! that's what friends are for. Are you free these days?

YOHAN - I have term break for another month and 11 days.

SANDY - That's great! because I have 5 song deadlines to be completed in 15 days.

YOHAN - 15 days?

SANDY - Yep 15 days, you can take it right?

YOHAN - Yes, I-I can.

SANDY - Great! can I have your number?

YOHAN - O-Ok, 9145 6743.

SANDY - Ok got it, I'll contact you if I need help with my songs. Well I'll see you later Yohan. Bye! it was a fun day!


SANDY - What happened Yohan?

YOHAN - Nothing! Nothing, I-I'll see you later.

SANDY - (giggles and closes the door).

[Act 5 Scene 1]

YOHAN - Oh dear, how long has it been through the 2 month break? 22 days! and I've already become a celebrities friend. This is amazing, if I can keep this going I could convey my love to her pretty soon. I would be glad if I could do that by the holidays, probably not, I must not get really eager or excited. Just by the slightest screw-up and poof! I lose it.

[Act 5 Scene 2]

YOHAN - Who's calling me at this time of the day, Hello?

PHILIPPE - Hey Yohan!

YOHAN - Oh it's you, it's 7:30am in the morning.

PHILIPPE - Yes I know, I heard that you won Sandy's Challenge and you spent a day with her. How was it?

YOHAN - H-H-How did you get to know about this?

PHILIPPE - Everyone knows about this, the gossip magazines are buzzing all over about this.

YOHAN - Yes it was a good experience.

PHILIPPE - Can you elaborate?

YOHAN - We got to know each other, I went to her practice session which was with Jay Clinton, I met her friends, performed her new song to them, had dinner and um... that's pretty much it.

PHILIPPE - (Speechless)

YOHAN - Philippe? a-are you still here?

PHILIPPE - What did I just hear? did you say you met Sandy and Jay Clinton?

YOHAN - Yes I mean it, I actually went to his studio and observed her practice session with him. Amazing right?

PHILIPPE - Amazing? that's super amazing! were you going to say something in the end?

YOHAN - In the end? no that's nothing, just a small twist in my tongue.

PHILIPPE - Oh, anyways it was good to hear you met her. I want to ask you something.

YOHAN - What is it?

PHILIPPE - Did you two take this to tier five? As in beginning your love quest with her?

YOHAN - (Drops the call)

PHILIPPE - Hello? Yohan? are you still there? Oh well.

[Act 5 Scene 3]

YOHAN - Thank god I didn't mention our friendship, he would've told the world about this and then Sandy would have to cut me off. Luckily I dropped the call once he started talking about Tier 5, ridiculous how dare he talk about such things to me. (Phone rings) Oh god now who's calling me? it better not be that darn Philippe. Hello?

SANDY - Oh, uh...Hello Yohan.

YOHAN - Umm...who is this? I recognize your voice, I just can't make out who you are.

SANDY - Try and guess.

YOHAN - Uh...wait hold on are you-? no you can't be Sandy, there's no way she would call me at a time like this when she could be sleeping.

SANDY - Why won't she call you at this time of the day?

YOHAN - Well you see- hold on, how do you know about me and Sandy?

SANDY - I just do, you want to take another chance at it?

YOHAN - I never told anyone about me and Sandy, a-a-are you Sandy?


YOHAN - Oh my! a-are you s-sure? this isn't a prank call right?

SANDY - No silly! it's me Sandy.

YOHAN - Oh, wow! this early in the morning?

SANDY - I just want to let you know that I told Jay Clinton I can record the full song today at 11am.

YOHAN - That's great!

SANDY - Also afterwards I want you to come over to my place to help me with my new song.

YOHAN - Wait what? y-you want me to come help you today?

SANDY - Yes today, can you make it at 3pm?

YOHAN - Yeah sure, I-I'm just quite-

SANDY - Shocked right?

YOHAN - Well yes.

SANDY - Since me and you are friends it won't be long till we see each other again, chances are that we can see each other almost everyday.

YOHAN - Everyday?!

SANDY - Well yes, come on Yohan don't be shy. You're my friend now not an outsider, there's no need to go through such hassle to meet me now, I already informed the security guards about you and how you'll be frequently visiting me.

YOHAN - Uhh.....Ok.

SANDY - That's the spirit! I'll let you know if my recording was successful. Bye!

YOHAN - Bye! are my eyes really open? I'm having doubts about this, whether this is real or not. Am I still dreaming? it feels like it was just yesterday when I met her at the concert, and now I've already been to her place and became her friend. I really don't know why I'm repeating myself like this, I'm going to go crazy if I keep saying the same things. There's just one solution to this, I shall believe it. I now fully believe that I'm her friend to avoid unnecessary confusions and shocks.

[Act 5 Scene 4]

SANDY - Hello Yohan? It's me Sandy.

YOHAN - Oh Sandy! Hi!

SANDY - It was successful Yohan! JC loved how I brought him way ahead of schedule.

YOHAN - So you have to record one more session?

SANDY - No, I mean he can move on to producing another song for a different singer. He now has ample time to move smoothly with his work.

YOHAN - Oh nice, I'm happy for you Sandy.

SANDY - Credit also goes to you, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have completed the song this early.

YOHAN - T-Thanks Sandy, I'm glad everything went well.

SANDY - I too am glad, now I don't have to worry about being behind schedule because you're here to help me out.

YOHAN - Oh, really?

SANDY - hahahaha

YOHAN - D-Did I flatter you?

SANDY - What do you think?

YOHAN - Umm...probably?

SANDY - Of course you did! Yohan something tells me that as long as you're here I'll be ok.

YOHAN - Something tells me that as long as I'm there for you I'll progress in my music studies.

SANDY - You're right! in a way we're going to help each other. Well, I'll see you at 3pm.


[Act 5 Scene 5]

SANDY - Yohan you made it!

YOHAN - Yep, I made it.

SANDY - Come in! did the security guard attack you on your way?

YOHAN - No, he was asleep.

SANDY - hahaha.

YOHAN - (whispering) I wouldn't laugh on that.

SANDY - What?

YOHAN - Oh nothing nothing, now where were we?

SANDY - Oh yes! helping me with my new song. Lets get started!

YOHAN - Oh but there's one thing to this.

SANDY - What is it?

YOHAN - I need to listen to the melody first before I could play it. If you don't mind, you may need to-

SANDY - Take you to the other music composer, listen to his playing and catch up on the new song?

YOHAN - Well y-yes.

SANDY - Why are you afraid to request something like this? of course I'll do it for you Yohan. Just remember you're doing this for both me and yourself.

YOHAN - Ok Sandy, w-who's the music composer we're going to meet?

SANDY - Emcee Jazz.

YOHAN - Emcee Jazz! oh god, I'm going to faint again.

SANDY - Please don't Yohan, you're going to have to get used to this coming more often.

YOHAN - Ok, ok I'm calm now. Shall we go?

SANDY - Yes!

[Act 5 Scene 6]

SANDY - Well, this is it! Emcee Studios.

YOHAN - Really grand-looking.

SANDY - That's what I said when I recorded my first song with him.

YOHAN - Oh nice.

SANDY - Do I need to do anything for you to catch the melody?

YOHAN - I'll be able to catch the melody if he plays it. It'll be better if you can sing while he plays so I can h-help fix your issues if you have a-any along the way.

SANDY - Sure! Emcee sir!

EMCEE - Oh hi Sandy! what brings you here? it's not practice time is it?

SANDY - No sir, I want you to meet my new friend Yohan.

EMCEE - Nice to meet you Yohan.

SANDY - He recently won my challenge, I accepted him as a friend because of the light I saw in him.

EMCEE - Light? what kind of light?

SANDY - He's a music student at Lasalle, one of the best ones because of his good ear.

EMCEE - He has a good ear? you do realize that-

SANDY - Yes sir, only one in a million musicians have them. I have him here to help me with my new song, he said he can help me if he can catch the tune by listening so I brought him here.

EMCEE - So you want me to play the melody of the new song so he can pick it up and help you out?

SANDY - Exactly! and I'll be singing along to help him pick up the notes easier.

EMCEE - Sure, take a seat Yohan. You can use my headphones to listen to the melody clearly. How many times do you want me to play the melody?

YOHAN - Just twice and I'll be ok.

EMCEE - Just twice?? are you sure you can handle it?

SANDY - He handled Jay Clinton's song easily by listening to it twice or something.

EMCEE -Woah! that's really impressive. Well here's how it goes.

(Listening process twice)

EMCEE - Well that's the melody, you managed to pick it up?

YOHAN - Y-yes sir.

EMCEE - Hmm...good, and what do you expect the outcome will be like?

SANDY - I'll be able to sing the full song by next practice session, you can record it on that day itself.

EMCEE - Oh wow! good. A really good benchmark, we'll see how things go next session. Bye Sandy!

SANDY - Bye sir!

[Act 5 Scene 7]

SANDY - Well Yohan, did you pick up the new tune?

YOHAN - Yes Sandy.

SANDY - Great! Can you play the melody for me?

YOHAN - S-Sure.

(Playing the new melody)

YOHAN - Uh..S-Sandy a-are you o-ok?

SANDY - Am I ok? That-was-amazing!! Yohan you are my biggest gift this year!

YOHAN - W-were you b-being sarcastic?

SANDY - Every singer's biggest problem is meeting the recording deadline. The composer's don't have the time to send in the melody recording to us, even if they did it's hard to follow on because there isn't someone tell us when our cue comes in and stuff.


SANDY - And I might as well be the lucky ones to have someone like you, who can play the melodies for me, pause and indicate my cues and help me out when I'm wrong.

YOHAN - Right, s-shall we begin our practice?

SANDY - Sure!


SANDY - Thanks a lot Yohan! Lifesaver. I managed to complete the entire song.

YOHAN - You're Welcome Sandy, I'm happy to help.

SANDY - You really have been of great help within the past few days.

YOHAN - Well I think I'll make a move.

SANDY - Ok, you can leave your keyboard and guitar back at my place.

YOHAN - Ok, bye Sandy!

SANDY - Goodbye Yohan! I'll see you soon! great friend he is. He'll make me the singer of tomorrow. Well it looks about time for my other friends to show up, better freshen up.

[Act 5 Scene 8]

CARA - Hey Sandy!

SANDY - Hi guys! how are you?

MATT - Yep, were good. you?

SANDY - Feeling awesome!

KIM - Awesome? normally you say you feel good or great.

SANDY - It's different now because you remember Yohan right?

MATT - Yes, and speaking of Yohan. How did the talk go after we left?

SANDY - Oh that! well um...first he was shocked and thought he was dreaming, then he fainted, I recovered him and told him this was true and soon after wards he calmed down.

KIM - Just like we told you! he will get a slight shock into hearing something like that, but like you said he recovered pretty quickly.

SANDY - True, but he still is a bit shy to request something from me. He's probably still in that fan zone.

CARA - That's not a problem Sandy, no one can shift from fan to friend just like that. You have to give him time. If you keep this going he'll soon adjust into being your friend.

SANDY - Hmm...you're probably right. He's less shy compared to yesterday.

CARA - You see? he's already getting adjusted to it. Don't worry everything will work out just fine. Now then, what was with the "awesome"?

SANDY - That's what I was about to tell you. Today I invited Yohan over to my place to help me with my new song. I brought him to the studio to listen to Emcee's playing, he picked up the song quickly and the moment we came back we rehearsed it together.

MATT - And?

SANDY - I got it! he helped me complete the entire song! now I don't have to stress about song deadline. As long as he's with me I have nothing to fear.

MATT - See? accepting Yohan is a big advantage for you. You now have someone to help you with your songs.

KIM - But that doesn't mean you should misuse him.

SANDY - Misuse him? why would I want to misuse him?

CARA - What Kim is trying to say is that you can't have Yohan help you with your songs all the time, remember you accepted him as a friend.

MATT - So if he's helping you, you should be helping him out as well.

SANDY - Well I am helping him out guys, he's able to improve his music by helping someone like me. Our rehearsal's are helping him become a music composer.

CARA - That's what you're doing together, we're talking about what you will do.

KIM - To me Yohan has eased up all your problems in 2 days.

MATT - What will you do to repay him back? after all you are friends right?

SANDY - Yes, you're right. I should repay him back, but how?

KIM - What is one of Yohan's challenges?

SANDY - As far as I know: Expertising in music.

MATT - That's going to be a tricky one, you could buy him an instrument.

SANDY - He left his instruments here so we can practice more often.

CARA - Take him into meeting famous composers.

SANDY - He's already met JC and Emcee Jazz.

CARA - God this is hard.

KIM - You know what Sandy, you know Yohan better than us. We're just trying to help you.

MATT - Kim's right, maybe it doesn't have to be his musical intentions. It could be something to recognize his personality, or even your friendship.

SANDY - Hmm...ok I'll do it. But I have to think about it overnight, is that ok?

CARA - Sure, giving thought to his reward takes time.

SANDY - Well I'll see you later guys. Thanks for coming!

KIM - Remember Sandy, come up with a reward.

SANDY - Sure sure I'll do it.

[Act 5 Scene 9]

SANDY - Now lets see: A reward for Yohan. What should I give him? this is so hard, I really don't know what to give him. I'll do what Matt said, use his personality to give a reward. Now let's see.

(Scribbles and rips the ideas off)

SANDY - Oh gosh this is really hard, what do I come up with? I'll go on facebook and check for any notifications then get back to this. The last post I posted was regarding my challenge. That's it! where's Yohan's composition? Yes! this is it! I'll rehearse the lyrics for his composition, use someone's studio to record this song and open it to public. Yohan will love it!

[Act 6 Scene 1]

SANDY - (Yawns) Well then I've rehearsed the lyrics for his song really well. Now all that's left is to call Yohan over and record this. But wait I want this to be surprise, how about this, I don't call Yohan over but use another composer to record my singing. That way when it's out to public Yohan will realize my gift to him!

[Act 6 Scene 2]

JAY CLINTON - Hey Sandy what brings you here this time?

SANDY - Sir do you still remember Yohan?

JAY CLINTON - Oh yes, that talented musician who won your challenge right? I remember him.

SANDY - I accepted him as a friend, and had him help me with my songs.

JAY CLINTON - You mean to say that he helped you with our song way before the recording deadline?

SANDY - Yes sir.

JAY CLINTON - That's amazing! you've taken the right decision to have him as a friend.

SANDY - I know sir, which is why I want to repay him.

JAY CLINTON - Repay him? how?

SANDY - Yohan composed the winning melody in my music challenge. I want to sing his song and release it to public.

JAY CLINTON - Sounds good! what do you want me to do?

SANDY - Well I want to make this song release a surprise for Yohan.

JAY CLINTON - So you want me to record your singing and release it to public.

SANDY - Yes.

JAY CLINTON - And give credits to Yohan?

SANDY - Um..Yes sir? y-you're ok with that right?

JAY CLINTON - Of course! I was just messing with you. What are we waiting for, lets start!


JAY CLINTON - Well that went quick.

SANDY - I rehearsed his song overnight.

JAY CLINTON - Did you atleast get proper sleep?

SANDY - Of course sir! I just woke up early to practice. What do you think of his song?

JAY CLINTON - I love it! I have a feeling this will become a sensational hit.

SANDY - Really?

JAY CLINTON - I'm waiting for the day he enters as a music composer to compete with us. Just to say, this song might as well be added to your "Hits playlist".

SANDY - You really think so? I loved his melody when I first heard it. I can't wait to hear the audience responses.

JAY CLINTON - Well shall we release it now?

SANDY - Yes sir.

(Click - Released to public)

[Act 6 Scene 3]

SANDY - (on the phone) Hello Yohan?

YOHAN - Hello? i-is this Sandy?

SANDY - Yes it's me! I have surprise for you.

YOHAN - Y-you do? w-what is it?

SANDY - Come to my place, you're going to love it.

YOHAN - Sure.

[Act 6 Scene 4]

YOHAN - Hey Sandy!

SANDY - Hey! come on in!

YOHAN - You told me you have a surprise for me, what is it?

SANDY - Sit on the couch with me.

YOHAN - (nervous) Ok?

SANDY - (turn on the TV) now lets see, MTV!

YOHAN - The surprise is MTV?

SANDY - Hold on for a second, your surprise will come!

MTV - Hello music lovers! you're watching Recent Releases on MTV. Just 5 hours ago a new song sung by Sandy got released!

YOHAN - The surprise is your song?

SANDY - Not just my song, your song too!

YOHAN - My song?

MTV - We all know that Sandy's fame comes from famous composers like Emcee and JC, this time she has recorded a song composed by a newcomer called Yohan-

YOHAN - Yohan!! me??

SANDY - Uh-uh, this is just the beginning. Wait till you see what happens.

YOHAN - But I didn't record a song with you.

MTV - Sandy hosted her music challenge quite recently over the past days. The winner of the contest was Yohan, she was so into the song that she decided to record her singing for his song and release it to public!

YOHAN - R-Really? I-I never recorded one with you.

SANDY - Listen to the song.

MTV - Music Lovers, Sandy Lovers and Youth's I bring you Sandy's new song "Come to me". (Plays the song)

(Yohan and Sandy are stunned and show excited reactions).

MTV - What an amazing song that was, surely this song will become a hit because it has already got 3 million views on youtube along with 5600 likes.

YOHAN - W-What! 3-3 million v-views? 5-5600 l-likes? how did you do this?

SANDY - It's a long story. You know very well how much you've helped me over the past days right?

YOHAN - I-I can't say that, only you can.

SANDY - hahahaa! you flatter me, but yes you have been of great help for me. So I decided to give you a reward, I rehearsed your song yesterday after you left. I didn't want you to record the song because I wanted it to be a surprise, JC was kind enough to record my singing for the song and release it through your credits.

YOHAN - W-Wow, y-you d-did that all f-for me?

SANDY - Of course Yohan! we're friends. Friends help one another, I repaid your big favour with your very first hit. This can be your ticket to becoming a composer.

YOHAN - I-I really am s-speachless now.

SANDY - Oh don't Yohan. In fact this was not just to repay you, I really loved your composition when I first heard it. I myself felt that you should get more credit for your work and decided to open it to public.

YOHAN - T-Thanks Sandy! I'm probably going to need a walking stick.

SANDY - For what?

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