Pain in my heart can't be shown,
buried so deep that can't dig a hole
I want to cry
n to scream
I want to tell that I am afraid of a certain thing
losing u is my greatest fear.
the thought if this makes me scare..

I know I will lose u one day..
but being caught up in it
is a crimson bay,
loved u whole heartily
is this my fault?
I feel so numb
I am the only garbage that u dumped
why I am a fool
that I can't stop loving u
the countless nights I had cried for u,
that is just because my feeling are true.
I want to run
n to hide
from all pains that are still inside,

I tried my best
I tried so hard,

I gave u all
n now nothing is left apart.
My heart is with u
handle it with care
because preserving broken pieces
is not an easy task to held.

People say to move ahead;
leaving it as a past page I had read
but how to mend the broken heart
as my entire world has fallen apart.
How to find a new ray of hope?
as the one I love has moved a mile far I had thought.. :(

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