Love is sacrifice -
but who can feel that way?
How can you feel it,
when a lover loves to give
and never thinks to ask ?...
And never stays to ask himself
how much to give -
because for him
twill never be too much !
Love is sacrifice-it is,
because a lover needs
a minute more,
a word,a smile,
a whisper or a touch,
a song,a call ...
For he will never be enough
but he won't ask .
He's only waiting
patient ,
kind and wise
from you the same,
to give him all,
because in love
no matter
how much love you give
or take,
twill never be too much ,
twill never be enough!
That's why ,
in love, you must give all
and live it like
you'll never have the time
to give enough !

Tags: Poetry, Love