Easy peasy sit and sneeze
Take it easy don't you shriek

Take two napkin-full box
Cover feet with woolen socks

Cool breeze blowing after rain
drenched in water whence you came

Red-blue i showed warning lights
now you're wearing warm cloths tight

Hair drenched wet, water drips
trickling swiftly reaching your lips.

Snake like long, you draw your tongue
and regretting what you've done.

Danced in rain, stepping-up
now drain throat with tingly syrup.

Mischief i see, still reigning
your eyes all emotions giving easily up.

Mother shouting, your face has a grin
still sneezing, you want one more spin

Spin on toe tips hands wide spread
till you exhaust, until you drop-dead

White mischief still brewing inside
"oh mama! let me dance", you keep pleading inside.

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