Feeling fresh with a cup of hot black tea,
as if it is what will make you free
of all the tiredness
of all the sadness
you are so confident about it
as if your brain is going to get up lit

just a moment ago you were feeling lazy
wandering here and there like a patient crazy
eyes half closed, making you dizzy

And now,

you have not even started taking in sips,
you feel a smile on your lips,
cz even the presence of tea is making you serene
while living life neat and clean,
you don't know you have become an addict
though your mother was there to predict


you often say tea is bad
but having it still makes you glad

Oh girl! you are in love with tea
from your life which will never flee
unless you allow
but, you prefer to let the life go with the flow
knowing you are doing yourself a harm
but, what to do when it keeps you warm!

Tags: Addiction, Tea, LIFE

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