Based on true events
As soon as I came back after attending a wedding function of my cousin brother at 3 AM, I logged in on my facebook account and saw my best friend Ari online. Before I could text him, a chat box popped in,
Ari: What are you doing at 3AM?
Me: Don’t ask me, just came after attending a frightful wedding.
Ari: What happened?
Me: Don’t ask. I’m not feeling well.
Ari: Are you gonna tell me or not?
Me: I don’t know. :| I’m going offline. Bye! Goodnight.
Ari didn’t reply to my message but when I was shutting down my laptop, my mobile started vibrating. It was Ari’s call. I picked up the phone and said, “Hello”.
“Now tell me what happened there. Tell me everything.” Ari yelled at me for not telling.

“Okay then listen, there was this girl in the wedding who’d come from bride's side. During the ceremony, we both looked at each other like thousands of times. I didn’t know if she was attracted to me or she was looking at me because I was staring at her. And yes, she was beautiful. She was fair (or looking fair because of make-up). Her eyes resembled laser because every time I looked at them, it felt like something piercing my eyes. If I had to marry a girl from that wedding, I would choose her without any doubt. During dinner, when I was at the ‘Raita’ counter with my cousin Sunny, she came to the same counter with a girl who was her cousin. I turned back and tried to look at her.
“Bhai, you have already stared her enough. Now stop.”

Before I could look at her closely, Sunny teased me in his loud voice. She smiled after hearing that and I embarrassingly shifted my focus from her to the Jalebi in my plate.Before I could asked Sunny to move to another counter, I saw him talking to her cousin. I was shocked. So I moved to the next counter alone. As I was taking ‘Fruit Cream’ from the counter, Sunny bumped into me. As a result, the bowl of fruit cream accidently slipped from my hand and fell on her cousin’s light yellow dress. I immediately apologized to her but my cousin kept telling her, “There’s no blot on your dress, and fruit cream is even matching with it.”
“BTW, this is Pallavi and Devika” My cousin introduced them to me. I embarrassingly said hi and introduced myself. (Because my cousin was busy laughing)

As Devika wanted to go to the washroom to wash the cream off her dress, I went with them as I was feeling guilty. But Sunny didn’t come with us. He said, he would come after eating a few Panipuris. Devika took so long in the washroom so I got a lot of time to talk to Pallavi. We talked for almost 30 minutes. It seemed that she was taking keen interest in me or maybe it was just that girls automatically get romantic with a guy when they come to a wedding. We definitely had some connection. When Devika came, we both started laughing. Blots on her dress were more visible now. She wanted to change her dress and so did Pallavi since ‘Rasm of Sath Phere (7 Vows)’ was going to start in an hour. So I dropped them outside the bride’s room but when I was returning, she called me and asked me if any other empty room was available in the hotel as the bride’s room was full.
“Yes, all rooms are empty on 2nd floor.” I replied.

She asked me to come with her and I agreed to that. As we reached the 2nd floor, we entered into a hall which had a big washroom. She went to the washroom to change and told me to wait outside in the hall. Just after a minute, she came outside screaming and told me that there was something on her dress. I avoided looking at her as she wasn’t wearing her top. I entered into the bathroom and pulled her dress from the hanger and tried to shake her dress. As I shook it, a big reddish cockroach came out of it and started coming towards me. Pallavi shouted again. I stepped back and Pallavi put her hands on my shoulder. She was really scared. I turned back and looked into her eyes. God! She was beautiful. She also looked at me and out of nowhere, we started kissing. She tightly held my hands. We both had lost control over us. I came to my senses after 10 minutes, lying down on a 25 cm thick mattress, naked with her. I looked at her again and realized she was really very fair. It wasn’t her make-up. She stood up, went to washroom & changed her dress. She was looking like an angel in her maroon Lahnga-Chunni. She told me that everyone might be looking for her so she should leave. As she left the hall, I immediately went to the washroom and turned on the shower. I didn’t meet her again and came home. That’s all.”

“So are you telling me that you aren’t a virgin anymore?” Ari asked me by stressing on the word virgin.
“Don’t ask rubbish questions, I’m not feeling well, I don’t know what to do now. What if she got pregnant?” I replied.
“Buy any contraceptive pill, give it to her in the morning and tell her to take it within 72 hours.” Ari suggested.
“I can’t go to any medical store. How will I ask for an I-Pill.” I asked.
“Ari, I’m sleeping now. I’ll talk to you in the morning.” I added.
Then I went to sleep. But after an hour of sleep, I heard my doorbell ringing. I opened the gate and saw Pallavi on the gate. She didn’t utter a word but slapped hard on my face which actually woke me up from my dreamland. I looked at the watch and it was 5AM. Then my doorbell really rang. I opened the gate. It was Ari. He gave me the I-pill and told me to give it to her and slapped on my face. He’d bought it from a hospital which was 20KM from his place. I took it from him, came to the washroom and flushed it. I laughed for almost 10 minutes in the washroom. I had no control over my laugh. I made out a story on phone, as he was irritating me at night and Ari thought it really happened. It’s been a year since this incident happened, but I never told him that it was just a story otherwise he might have killed me. That was the day, I actually thought that I could write stories. Whenever he meets me, he always asks me about Pallavi and I make another story to cover it.

All the characters in this story are fictional.

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