madam m loves you,
but she will never tell you,
You idiot and you stupid,
why did you love me,
she curse me,
when i say something bad,
she starts commenting bad to me,
she feels pity for me,
for loving her,
i told her 100 times i love her,
But she comes back saying you are psychopath,
My love my love madam m,
madam m is cute,
but she never feels that,
because when i tell her,
she say you are mad,
i started writing ugly poems,
but when i stop then some words comes back,
you gave me a pain,
i was simple, i love you
i want say you,
but tell me once ,
you want me to come and say that again,
but there some words come,
don't push her,
one word come she is your girlfriend,
how come,
madam m is really sweet,
why can't she kill me,
she kills me everyday,
only the difference is that,
she says me "never die for someone",
if you are brave come with me,
lets die,
but none of the hands come,
none of her friends come,
i tell her lets die,
i tell her lets die,
give me your response if you are brave

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