Magnolia --
{Flower of freedom and everlasting love}

Magnolia is flowering tree in different colors: from sparkling white to gentle pink, purple and violet...
Magnolias are the oldest flowering plants of the world and lived during the time of the dinosaurs. Magnolia fossils have been found throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, in rocks over 100 million years old. Magnolia flowers are pollinated by beetles of the Nitidulidae family because magnolias evolved before bees and other flying pollinators. The flowers do not have true petals and sepals and do not produce nectar, but attract beetles with fragrant, sugary secretions.

Magnolia denudata, was known as "Yu-lan" meaning ~Jade Orchid~ to the ancient Chinese and has been cultivated since the 7th century. The Japanese have grown Magnolia stellata for centuries as potted plants called "Shidekobushi"
Magnolias are among the 10 most popular flowering trees in the U.S. and are grown for their value as shade trees. Also used for timber and for making large canoes, house interiors and furniture. Flower buds have been used in infusions as a tonic. Animals feed on the seeds and flowers. Chinese use the flower as a remedy for clogged sinus and nasal passages.

Symbols of magnolia flowers in different countries and times:

~ purity (white)
~ feminine energy
~ beauty and gentleness
~ dignity and nobility

Magnolias grow on a tree, that can live a whole century!
White magnolias represents the moon and lunar goddess, for any rituals should be made on Mondays; Yellow represents the sun energy and sun goddess.
~ In the world there are more than 200 spices of magnolia.

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