She held it gingerly..carefully..lovingly.Gazing at it, eyes glued to it.
As if it were an infant cradled in her arms.

A thankfully short stick..shrouded in the softest,most delicious vanilla..dipped in chocolate till brittle brown. The whole ensemble then glaze wrapped. Paper torn off impatiently..One..two..three..bite..CRUNCH..the choco broke open. She couldn't simply wait.

Putting out her pink..long tongue..she lapped the white soft insides.Once.
Oooooh...La la.
Ready to dance.
LICK..lick lick..
Now she couldn't simply stop!

She slurped..she licked..
She drooled...she nicked.

Some liquid oozed onto her hand..
Not one given to waste..she snapped it up in one mighty sweep.
Her face now smeared with blobs of dark chocolate and traces of white vanilla..she looked like a baby with no bib.

The stuff was fast disappearing. Disappointedly, she aimed at the tiniest dark bit still holding onto the stick for dear life. She went after it. It wouldn't budge. She held it this way and that..kept pulling..finally the tiny portion came off.
VOILA..the feeling was exhilarating.
Dejectedly,she crumpled the wrapper into a fist..still looking dazed.

The entire exercise took her a slow,deliberate twenty minutes. She had never looked up even once. Her amused teen watched the show with glee.

"WOW..just wow! The best ice cream ever"
She exclaimed.
It has to be.
MAGNUM classic ..after all!

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