A pretty new place, no familiar face, you are all all alone. Be it a bank branch, be it a multi-brand showroom, or be it a restaurant - a person you would encounter is indeed a stranger at your help. Would you dare to smile at this stranger you encounter with? How many of us have smiled at this volunteer volunteered to help? Do you? – but hardly, we do.

Let’s consider a case; you drive a vehicle – a two wheeler or a four wheeler – someone by chance or by mistake violates a traffic rule to land you in trouble with no fault of yours. How would you react? Or anyone would react! By then, a ferocious boxer in you just waiting for you to say “Yes! All Set, Go, But ONLY Fight!” And the fight is a surety for if this someone happens to be a (poor) stranger. But Pause! What if this someone accidentally happens to be a person known to you? - a relative or a friend! Would your boxer still be ready for a boxing? –Ha Ha!!! ??..
The boxer would have vanished by then, as in, for instance you would have lost in yourself to greet your so-and-so, ending the story in an unexpected pleasant climax.

Daring smile at a pretty new place, with no familiar face, is all well with a definite help! A stranger - happy to help! All at ease at no cost. An unexpected pleasant climax? How it all did happen? A word of a “Sorry” or otherwise a “Hhhmmm!.....But That’s OK” kind of a gesture was the twist of the tale.

To conclude, with daring smiles all the way, you are sure to go a long way. It’s all smiles taking you miles! Moreover, being sorry doesn't necessary mean you being wrong but it's you being wise. All that was required was not a familiar man for you to be wise, but for you to be human indeed!

Living this fact is tact, making me more humane most of the time. I do believe calling it generosity, making all the difference - but would you? – if not, why not give it a thought and a shot. Life is a blessing. Let’s make it better. Hope you Will! and All is Well!

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