Man is just a puppet

Dancing to the chords of destiny and the beats of God

He thinks he can control everything and make things happen

Totally unaware his remote control lies in the hands of God

He wastes his energy in his greed for happiness

Not realizing what lies within him is true happiness

He thinks what he sees and feels is real

When actually all of it was destined to happen

The events remain connected through ages

While the poor man just plays a role in their execution

He grieves when he is sad

And rejoices when happy, ignoring the fact that all of it will pass

Neither grief nor joy would stay back

He forgets the giver of joy when happy

But never forgets to blame him for his grief

Only when he will accept what happened,

what's happening and what will happen, is not under his control,

Will he be happy and remain calm in all ups and down




...quite random...


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