Throughout the ages there were men known as 'perfectionists'. They say these are the people who are perfect. But again, are they? The answer is a huge 'NO!'

Who are perfectionists? They are the ones who pursue perfection rather than own it. They like to accomplish every task big and small with 'perfection' that is self defined. But yes they are as imperfect as you and me.

We have strived through time to achieve the feat of being perfect. Perfect student, perfect lover, perfect officer, perfect husband/wife, perfect father/mother, perfect anything that may be spelt. But have we achieved? The proper question would be - Can we? Another logical question could be - Should we?

So should we? If you are a person saying "YES" you would probably end up one day amassing great knowledge, wisdom, wealth or personality and then declare to yourself - "NOW I AM THE PERFECT MAN!" Very sadly, you will just be another adamant creep from that very moment onwards! You will begin to condem people around you and despise social customs. You will hate the imperfection in them. You will avoid society and call it an imperfect institution. But one day, somehow, you will end up hating yourself for not being able to be loved, cared, cherished! Eversince, you had been an imperfect being too, with a false assumption woven into your soul and thus proving it. And life may never bestow you with a second chance to begin all over again.

So, perfection is great but pursue it and avoid making it your identity. Learn to embrace imperfection too, because it will ever be your partial identity for lifetime. Be the man, an 'imperfect perfectionist', and one day you may end this life, living your turn 'perfectly'.

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