Marriage is one of the most important decisions of one’s life. May be the decision whose cause and effects (side effects :p) will last for the lifetime. In Indian context it is much more complicated. As Chetan Bhagat rightly pointed in India the families get married. Mathematically marriages in India can be denoted as “∫x dx for all small values of x + ∫y dy for all small values of y”. Where “x and y” represents the respective chromosomes and small values means each and every member of the families.


Here it is considered sacrosanct and the married couple is treated as Uranium isotopes U235 & U238, almost inseparable. “Marriage of their kids” is the most common career objective found in the CV of Indian parents (In case of Marwari’s, it is the prime career objective of Parents). “Get married and get settled” is the most common phrase Indian parents tell their kids (People are still searching for the person who said that “getting married is a sign/proof that you are getting settled”).


But finding the perfect partner/best fit is too tough, even carrying the precious to Mordor and destroying it was easy for Frodo. The best fit/perfect partner should be like the conjugate of a complex number. Just like a complex number we humans too have some real life situations and some imaginary aspirations. So a conjugate becomes more important to balance both of these. The conjugates must satisfy all the properties.


When conjugates are added the real part of them remains and the imaginary part gets eliminated. Just like that when the couple gets married they come out of their imaginary world and have to deal with a lot of real life situations.


When conjugates are multiplied the imaginary part gets converted and the final outcome is a real number. Similarly the couple, with each other’s support, can also convert all their imaginary aspirations into a reality.


When one conjugate is subtracted from the other the real part gets eliminated and only imaginary part remains. This is also true between couples. The subtraction/separation of any one creates a gap in other’s lives. The imagination of the same gives Goosebumps to them.


So if you are looking for someone may you find your complex conjugate. If you are already married and feel that you missed your conjugate :P, let your partner be the complex number and you be their conjugate.


PS: If you are a member/supporter of LGBT associations you may modify the above integration equation in one of the below mentioned manner

  1. “∫x dx for all small values of x + ∫x dx for all small values of x”.
  2. “∫y dy for all small values of y + ∫y dy for all small values of y”.

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