Dark is my skin, dark thoughts I have
Creeping in the grim of selfishness, engrave
In the skin with lugubrious ink or blood
Dissolved in it, reminiscences of gloomy mud
Memories of our togetherness, fake all seeming
Inside my heart its pain, my hopes are screaming
Left alone, was you selfish or was I
Evaded my presence, my tears, my cry
Want to burn all of your thoughts, all sweet memories
When you hung over me, holding me, distorting shirt’s crease
In my arms, flourished buds of your giggles
Being your aegis in storms, shade in drizzles
Putting my world to fire, you are eluding me
My heart just wants to stop, neither eyes want to see
Breaking with in, I am on the turn, mourning, dreams perishing
Watching your footsteps going far and then vanishing……….

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