I run my hand up her long neck
A simple touch felt like a trek
Throughout her body, my right hand goes
I was euphoric, believe me, it shows.

Her body was shining in the light
I wanted to play with her all night
I picked her up and held her steady
I said “Take a deep breath, we are ready.”

With each moment, the tension mounted
Dedication was the key, every moment counted
I was ready to keep movin'
And there we were, waltzing and groovin'.

I moved slowly to get in the swing
With each stroke, she started to sing
The pleasure was immense
The movements got intense.

She screamed and howled, while I did her
My heart stopped as the door opened from the corner
It was Dad with a frown
He said “Your guitar is too loud, turn it down.”

Tags: Lust, Humor, Intense, Love

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