my engineering life was passing vapidly amid boring lectures,tiring class schedules,lab tests,assignments and xams, so whenever i get unsolicited from these i can think of nothing but just sleeping, people who are bone lazy like me don't even take enough pain of zooming out with friends much, and anyways we have facebook to remain connected :p

internet for me was just facebook, downloading songs,movies and to go through beauty and hair care tips and sometimes whenever i felt responsible, i check out aptitude questions for placement and further studies, that was all me, sometimes frustated that am just another one in a big herd of mediocre people and and sometimes happy that i don't have any special characteristics so i don't have to worry about it and life is simple with all moderate things.

i have only heard the word 'blog', i was never interested in reading any and never thought any need to write mine, who cares what i feel and for nice piece of writing we have novels. my life got a jerk the day my own brother said he is launching up a blog social networking website. i was quite puzzled as if why a blog with social networking when he perfectly knows whom he will have as a contender, i know he is intelligent, the 'iit people' but in my 15 years life with him i had never seen him writing even school articles with enthusiasm, is that for making money or he has a new passion now.

whatever, i just went through many blog websites, read many and found out they were not that boring, being priviledged as the first user here, i thought about writing one, well i thought a lot about it, what to write, to write about my mediocre engineering life or about social issues that bother me but can't do anythng... i just landed writing about him only "cadbury in blood" and it was good i got feedback as nice,sweet,cute,beautiful what else will a girl want.

i wrote more, read more and i find this as my favorite now, i don't feel frustrated, i feel myself with a purpose, a reason and happy to express myself.i don't feel now that i lost my school days passion of writing stories and the best i feel i am blessed..with great parents, sweetest friends and an intelligent brother :)

moreover in my way of promoting it i came in touch again with old friends who had gone far..even on fb and something that our soft skills trainee call "communication skills" also improved.

i owe writerbabu a lot :)

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