"Time is a great teacher," I had heard this thing from my elders and those who had lived half of their lives, but this thing seemed so typical to me at that time. Now, I am here recalling the same thing...

Anyways, I dont know what other duties this "time" performs, but for me it always comes up with a U-Turn. Yes!

I stand where I should have been 6 or 7 years back, like a timid child whose only hunger is love and care. But again, time plays games with me. It gave me strength and hope, brought me near my dreams, and then turned me down when I was so close to my destiny!

It built me up, and then broke me down !

Once again, it has played the same game with me. It showd me love, taught me to care and when I was close of having that back in return, it pushed me down!

Time! It has feigned me in its own selfish tempting manners! It has snatched the power of my brain. I feel sick inside and dead in my heart! I feel not alive when I am unable to rejoice or to think good of anything! Time has sicken me up!

But now I am clever enough to play this game of hours and weeks, months and years! I know I wont let myself be the prey of anything destroying out there. I only have to be strong until I gain my strength back again! I am sick of accepting that I have become meagre.

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